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DIY Space Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden

If you have a small space for making a vegetable garden. How about making a vertical vegetable garden.

When we purchased our property to build our home I knew that there was not much space for a garden. I  needed to look for another way to have a garden. That’s when I discovered vertical gardens.

This DIY space-saving vertical vegetable garden works well in small yards. The benefits of using wood containers made from cedar are that you don’t have to worry about using your soil. CedarSafe is  Eastern Red Cedar which is 100% natural and has been proven to naturally and safely repel insects. The boxes can sit on any surface such as grass, concrete gravel or even deck. The vertical design lets you grow vegetables, herbs, and flower in a tiny area. You can customize these boxes to fit any space.


  • Cordless drill
  • Staple
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 8  1 x 6
  • Box CedarSafe Planks
  • 1 roll weed blocker fabric

Since the vertical will be outside and be in contact with water and sunlight another great reason why I selected cedar. Its eco-friendly material, and great for the environment. Some woods have a chemical that can be harmful to the vegetables.

Step 1:

I needed 5 vertical boxes and each box requires 7 – 23 inch long planks. I needed to cut 35 pieces of cedar planks and 10- 12 inches tall 1 x 4 wood. I used my miter saw and cut all the necessary pieces of wood.

Step 2:

I placed all the cedar planks on the 2- 1 x 4. The bottom has one cedar plank. Holes are drilled to that one to give it proper drainage for the plants.

Step 3.

Use small screws at each end of the planks. Make sure you use a good drill. Turn the boxes over and drill holes on the bottom of the plank for drainage.

Step 4:

Adding the Weed Barrier

This was the hardest for me. I place the weed barrier inside and eyeballed the length. Cut the weed barrier leaving an extra on each side. Organize the cloth neatly and staples around the inside of the two sides.


Step 5:

Attaching the boxes to the wall:

Begin by adding the boxes on the ground. Once you are happy with the placement, take the other two and place on top of these and nail it to the wall.

Step 6:

Adding plants

Make sure all your boxes are secured to the wall with nails. Two nails will secure them well. I had to remove the first plank to nail the box to the wall. Once it was nailed I screwed the plank back.  Fill the boxes with soil and your plants. Because these are small spaces. Only two plants per box.

You can add more boxes on top of these to give you more spaces for more plants.

I have been compensated by Cedar Safe. All opinion are mine alone.


  1. This is such a contemporary look for a garden Maria. Once the flowers bloom it will be gorgeous.

  2. I love these so much. You will enjoy them for years to come.

  3. This is such a great idea! Can’t wait to see the veggies growing in those pretty boxes!

  4. Love this little garden, Maria! I just gave one of these style boxes away (it was pretty beat up and blue from leaking garden supplement, Lol!)… But I think I may have a few coming from storage. We have a patio area at the new house that could use a little treatment like this!!!

    Happy gardening,
    Barb 🙂

  5. Such a great idea, I have a really small garden and could do with something like this.

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