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Turquoise Table Setting Perfect For Spring Dinner

Turquoise Table setting ideas

I love the idea of planning a Spring dinner for friends and family with one of my favorite colors which is turquoise. Turquoise table setting perfect for Spring is a pleasant color. The shade of turquoise color is between blue and green that are calming and relaxing. For this casual Saturday turquoise table setting was a perfect way to add color to my dinner party I was planning with a few close friends and neighbors. Turquoise has a richness that is perfect for any celebration or dinner party

The Centerpiece

I was going for a simple and elegant turquoise color combination for the centerpiece. The idea reminds me of the turquoise waters and ocean beach. Small fuchsia flowers in the turquoises vases that also have a  tropical feel. When it comes to party decor,  flowers are my key elements.

To add some elegance to a Spring table, don’t forget to pick up some candles. Match the candle to one of the main colors in the tablescape. This table setting features tones soft lavender. Candles add the charm needed to bring a relaxed atmosphere.

Turquoise Table setting ideas

The Place Settings and Silverware

I wanted to mix in casual silverware to go with the richness of the turquoise place setting.   I think I achieved it without going crazy! The advantage of having white and beige as the background colors tones down the whole looks. The simple choice of a few simple colorful daisies on each place setting is all is needed for a pretty look.

Getting everything ready early is helpful and focus on fun. I’m actually doing some matchmaking this weekend so hopefully, the atmosphere will relax them. Hopefully, this dinner party will be warm and inviting allowing everyone to take this party outside.

Turquoise dinner place setting ideas
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  1. I love turquoise so naturally I’ve fallen in love with all of this!

    1. Lesliie

      I have loved turquoise for so many years! such a wonderful color. thanks Maria

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Marie–love the turquoise and your photographs are stunning!

  3. Beautiful tablescape! The turquoise place settings look like jewels. And the flowers really pop next to the turquoise. I’m sure your guests felt very welcomed and comfortable.

    1. Hi Rebecca, I was away on vacation and wanted to thank you for this kind comment! Hope you are having a good monday morning!

  4. I love this!! Lately Ive fallen in love with turquoise blue glass.. this looks so pretty xoxo

    1. Turquoise is one of those colors that never fades, its always popular in many area of decorating! thanks for stopping by! Again I loved that furniture piece you redid! I had some internet issues and wanted to feature it on my dream create and inspire pinterest, im heading there now that the internet is back
      Have a great weekend. Maria

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