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How To Make Your Own Gift Boxes and Tags Using Printables

 If you love to create a personalized gift for your friend or loved one, then you will enjoy this post on how to make your own gift boxes and tags using printables.

You can make so many creative solutions for gift ideas using printables. In this post, I will show you how to create gift boxes and tags for your gifts. Most of these gift boxes are for smaller gifts such as soaps, jewelry, or gift cards.  I made some pretty soaps and wrapped them in tissue paper and places them in the cute boxes. Each printable is formatted to fit a standard letter size card stock paper that is 8.5 x 11. This white box is not a printable but just one I had at home from a previous gift box I saved. I wanted to show you how you can print the labels and paste them to a box with there names on it

The printable label can be placed on a gift box using tape or paste. As you can see the labels match the printable. You can use card stock paper or regular printing paper. Make sure if you use card stock paper that you cut the label or tag with sharp scissors.

Printable Label


2. Here is a lovely floral gift box that can be used for soaps or gift cards. It has a label incorporated in the design. You can print out this printable boxes using any card stock paper that can be purchased at Staples or Amazon.


I hope you all have a great Mother Day! Enjoy the free printables as a gift from me to you. Let me know if you use them, love to hear what you wrapped. I am really excited to start using them for all my gift wrapping ideas.


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    1. Julie, We bloggers are always busy, I can imagine you with your job and blogging too. I had a full time job when I started blogging 5 years ago. I am finally doing this as my main job and my daughter took over my position as an office manager. It tooks years before I was making any money! But I do it mostly for the love of blogging.

  1. Maria these are such a nice way to give a personal touch to your gifts.

    1. I love wrapping them with printables, looking to see if i can print legal size for more coverage.

  2. This is gorgeous. I saw it on Pinterest and had to look. Pinned

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