How To Decorate A Storage Basket For Stylish Shelving

Bring life to your shelves and learn how to decorate a storage basket for stylish shelving.

How To Decorate A Storage Basket

I wanted to do something special to my shelving instead of just adding plain baskets. Baskets are great for organizing and add a fresh look to a plain storage area. So dressing the basket up with pretty embellishments will give that extra style to your storage areas. You can use beads, buttons, stones, and ribbon.

Supplies: To Decorate A Storage Basket

  • Basket: (Thrift Stores have great finds)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun

How To Decorate A Storage Basket


  1. I measure the width of the baskets on all sides and cut 4 strips of burlap ribbon. I also cut a pretty white lace ribbon and picked white vintage buttons. I collected buttons since I was a little girl. My mom had a huge tin can filled with pretty buttons. So I picked all the blues ones.

2. Start with the strips of burlap and glue them on the center of the basket all the way around.

Glue the buttons along the front of the basket. Make sure they are centered and even.

Blue buttons for styling baskets:How To Decorate A Storage Basket For Stylish Shelving

I really loved how the basket looks with all the pretty embellishments on it. You can add all sorts of different version of ribbons. If you don’t have buttons add beads, crystals and pearls.

Stylish baskets:How To Decorate A Storage Basket For Stylish Shelving

Now you can add anything inside the pretty baskets. I am obsessed with hiding my pets ugly medicines or dog food treats, so this is perfect. You can use this for so many things from tea bags, candy and use it as a coffee station basket.

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How To Decorate A Storage Basket For Stylish Shelving

Now I love going into my storage space. Everything is organized and pretty.


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  1. I love baskets, and yours are just beautiful! I like how the natural elements of the baskets tie in with your botanical prints. This space looks great!

  2. Those baskets are adorable! Amazing what you get with the addition of a little burlap, lace and buttons. Pinning this idea for sure! Love how organized your closet looks! Thanks so much for joining the challenge!

    1. Erin, it was a pleasure to be in this challenge. These challenges are such a great way to get motivated to get things done. I have so many project I want to do.

  3. The space is so bright and pretty! I really love the white fluffy rug. Beautiful space!

  4. I am loving how beautiful, easy and cheap this project was! Great post!

    1. It was so cheap! I love finding most of the supplies in your very own home. I save everything.

  5. Great job Maria! Looks very organized – love all those baskets!

  6. Your storage is gorgeous. Love those fern prints and your pretty baskets. Great job!

  7. What a great idea! I’ve never thought of
    doing something like this before, but it
    really did make Such a cute difference!

    1. Thanks Morgan, little project do make a difference in the home, sometimes they can be the most time consuming too.

  8. Beautiful organization! You’re speaking my language. Love it.

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