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10 Stylish Graduation Invitation Ideas You Will Love

Whether it’s a child’s grade school, kindergarten or high school graduation. These events mark a lifestime of memories and what better way than to start planning it by selecting a stylish graduation invitation. Here are 10 stylish graduation invitation ideas that will help you plan this wonderful event

10 Stylish Graduation Invitation Ideas You Will Love

Stylish Graduation Invitation Ideas

When planning your son or daughter’s  special event, finding an invitation design that is eye-catching is important in making your event special.. To help you discover the ideas for this occasion. Here are some of my favorites I choose from Basic invite. There is something for every taste, from simple to sophisticated. 

Basic Invite has unlimited color options, with instant previews. You can order a printed sample before you place your order. Over 40 different colors of envelopes. One special feature it has is address capturing service. It allows customers to share a link on their social  media to request their friends and familiy addresses. This is secure and private and only by permission will the address be shared.

Check out these graduation party invitations

Then & Now Invitation

Graduation Invitation Ideas

Set the tone with a simple yet modern feel with this adorable graduation invitation design. This is a great way to show a photo of your son or daughter as a child and adult. Great choice for high school graduation.

Stately Shimmer

Shimmery blue: Graduation Invitation Ideas

I love blue invites for graduation. This is my favorite. The bold blue color adds a touch of elegance making it perfect for a college graduation.

3.Adventure Awaits

Adventure style:Graduation Invitation Ideas

I love this invite because of the word adventure on the invitation. Symbolizies life is going to be an an exciting journey.

4. Simply Beautiful

Simple but beautiful is this invitation. The pops of color over the white background makes for a perfect theme. There is a mix of soft colors that makes it perfect for displaying the graduate photo.

5. Monumentus Occasion

A loving smile displayed at the bottom of the card says it all. Perfect invitations to send to family and friends


Another favorite of mine is the Airy Script. I love this design because you can create a beautiful background, which can highligh a beautiful photo.

7. Pretty In Pink

Bring a touch of fun to your graduation invitation with pink tones. A modern design has plenty of color and I am loving how eye catching.

8. Kindergarten Graduate

Growing up so Fast. Your child photo will glow in this adorable invite.

9. Trendy Graduation

Here is a  trendy way to design a grade school graduation invite. This chalkboard accents the graduate ‘s event details. If creativity is what you are looking for, look no more.

10. Caps and Stripes

This timeless invite is a design that never goes out of style. 

I hope you have enjoyed my selection of graduation invitations. It’s amazing how time flies when you child is growing up. When I was selectiing my daughter’s graduation invitation we sat down together and looked at different ideas. The college graduation announcement  template was a big help.

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  1. Great ideas! My baby boy graduates this May hard to believe he just turned 18 and I need invitation inspiration 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Christina, They do have cute invites. Its such an exciting time hopefully inspire of covid you can have a great party for him.

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