Star Spangled Banner For Kids

Teach your children about Independence day by making this easy Star Spangled Banner for kids. Its bound to make them smile.

DIY Star Spangled Banner For Kids

As a grandmother I love making crafts with my grand kids. July 4th is a special holiday especially for kids. I try to share a bit of history with them. In these star spangled banner for kids craft we used red, white and blue construction paper, along with stars, hearts and paint. I used leftover paint from DecoArt. I had cookie cutters of stars and hearts and they work great as a stencil. Use as much free stuff as you can to save moneys my motto.


  • Construction paper: Use red, white and blue
  • Paint: Use red, white and blue paint
  • Cookie Cutter: I used cookie cutter in shapes of heart and stars
  • String: Ribbon or string
  • Tape
  • Paper Plates
  • Hole puncher

How To Make The Star Spangled Banner For Kids

I will be making 5 tails. I take the red, white and blue construction paper and fold in half and them along the folded line.

Fold the two pieces that you cut in half. Cut those pieces on the fold line. Repeat that and cut at an angle to form a tail.

Take the hole puncher and make two holes for the string, one on each side of the tail.

Now get the paint and pour it into the paper plate. I gathered some cookie cutters to use as a stencil. Press the cookie cutter onto the paint and then press evenly on the paper. Use blue paint for red paper, red paint on white paper, blue paint on red paper.

stencil the tail with star spangled banner for kids

Cut enough to make 5 tails in red, white and blue, red and white.

stenciled star spangled banner for kids

Cut enough string for banner to put through holes. Hang on the wall with tape.

star spangled banner for kids on the wall

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star spangled banner for kids

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  1. That is so cute that you involved the kids in doing the decor. That is just precious. They will grow up to be proud of their country.

  2. Such a fun project and I love that you’re also keeping the patriotic spirit alive with the kids!

  3. We also do the same with our grandkids…haring our country’s origins. like the simple to make banner. It could be used for some many occasions too.

  4. You make me wish my kids had little ones 😀 What a fun idea. Your grandbabies must have loved every minute of making these.

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