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How To Make A Moroccan Fabric Wall Hanging

 Learn how to wrap the fabric around the canvas. You can use any fabric you like and learn how to make a Moroccan inspired fabric wall hanging

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When it comes to home design, the fabric is the most important element in designing a room. It can be used in many ways and its a great way to save money by making your own accessories for the room. You can add color, pattern, and texture to space. I was looking for something that could function as a headboard and at the same time be artwork for my daughter NYC apartment. She had this one white wall. Instead of adding a headboard I design 4 large canvases and created a fabric wall hanging that function as a headboard too. Wrap it around the canvas is very easy. You can use any fabric you like and create a wall hanging. Check out below how to make a Moroccan inspired fabric wall hanging


  • Canvas
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun

My daughter has been hinting for months for new items for her bedroom. Her love for colorful fabrics and natural elements made it easy for me to design the wall hangings. We decided on a Moroccan theme. I create a design for her that had 4 different design patterns of fabric. Each canvas would have a different pattern design.


  1.  Arrange your canvases in the order they will hang on the wall. Determine which fabric to put on each canvas. I found 4 different styles of fabric. Need 1 yard for each canvass. So I purchased 4 yards.
  2. Place one canvas on top of your fabric and cut around the frame leaving about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of material on each side.
  3. Make sure the fabric is taut and staple the sides. Fold the fabric on each corner and staple.
  4. Add two screw eyes on each end of the canvas. Attach wire on each end. You are ready to hand the canvas


If you have the leftover fabric you can make a pillow to match the canvasses using the envelope pillow tutorial Use this post how to create an envelope pillow.

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  1. Your daughter’s bedroom looks awesome Maria! I love the boho navy fabric you chose over her bed and you were so creative in how you stored her clothes! I hope you had a great time together:). Take care, Tara

    1. Tara, it was so much fun to visit my daughter and fix up her room, she really needed it. Maria

  2. Maria,
    What a creative way to use artist canvases and fabric for a high style headboard! The shelving on each side of the bed look like design elements and add to the look you wanted. Sure hope you stayed warm in NYC!


    1. There are so many great fabrics to make these cool canvases, hope you try the tutorial.

    1. Thats means so much coming from you! It was fun looking at all these cool fabric, I have a bunch more fabric thinking of making some outdoor pillows.

    1. Hope the day was nice to you! finally the weather is cooperating and got lots of sunshine today. The nicest day of the week.

    1. Its one of my favorite projects, I think the influence of morroccan fabrics, got me hooked to use this decor more.

  3. Beautiful bedroom. I love how you used the same fabric and color in so many places. It really tied the whole space together.

    1. Rebecca, It was a fun and exciting project to do. I had fun visiting my daughter in NYC. Thanks for Stopping by

  4. love the open closet
    how was that created

  5. That fabric really makes the room; I need to inject some Morroccan into our space too!

  6. You’re so creative Maria and I love all of your projects!

  7. Gorgeous Maria. Your fabric choice and the size of the canvases make such a statement in the bedroom. Love how it turned out

  8. Love this idea, Maria! So easy to do and minimal cost, too. Glad your daughter is enjoying her apartment and it looks great!!! <3

    Stay well and many hugs to you,
    Barb 🙂

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