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How To Stencil A Bloom Where You Are Planted Garden Sign

How to stencil a bloom where you are planted garden sign that is perfect for your garden decor.

How To Stencil A Bloom Where You Are Planted Garden Sign

Creating a Stencil project sounded easy, but it proved to be quite the Challenge. I was honored to be asked by Carol from Garden Up to participate in her Spring Stencil Challenge outdoor ideas for a great back yard. The challenge also features other awesome bloggers. Make sure you visit everyone’s project using the links listed at the end.

The project was to stencil ย “Bloom Where You Are Planted” on whatever we felt would make a fun spring project. I had some old vintage wood that was made into frames. The stencil size was 18 by 20, so it fits perfectly on the frame. There are several components to this project. Each one is to be done in a step by step fashion to avoid bleeding into the sides of the stencil. But as I learned with this project, nothing ever is perfect! The first attempt of applying the paint on stencil was a mess, I had applied the paint on too thick. I searched for a Stencil Tutorial and found this great video on how to avoid bleeding.

How To Stencil A Bloom Where You Are Planted Garden Sign perfect for spring


bloom where you are planted supplies


  1. Clean the surface where the stencil will be taped on. Center the 12 by 20 stencil onto the surface you are using.
  2. Prepare a palette of paint. I used white paint and a large artist’s paintbrush.
  3. Dab the brush in the paint and gently apply the white paint to the stencil. Make sure it does not bleed into the sides. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  4. Remove the stencil gently. If you notice any slight bleeding just use a baby wipe to gently remove any unwanted bleeding. Don’t be a perfectionist, there are always tiny flaws when you stencil. On my E there is a little bleeding, but I was able to get most of it off.

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How To Stencil A Bloom Where You Are Planted Garden Sign perfect for garden ideas

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  1. Hi Maria,

    Wow, yours turned out beautiful. I love the subtle colors, almost like a watercolor. Very pretty. I had a lot of fun being challenged and am looking forward to the next project. Have a great week!

    1. Gardens are my favorite project to work on… I love taking walks through my garden and getting inspired! this was very inspiring.

  2. Maria this is fun, I love all the details next to the sign, it really accents the statement perfectly. Your stencil sign look great! .

  3. Oh, Maria, I am loving how this turned out. I could totally see this sign out on my screened porch.

    1. I had the sign in different part of outside, but like this area the best! the lighting was hard in the front of my home! Great to meet you Maria

  4. Stenciling is one of my BIGGEST challenges-so thank you so much for the tips! Your lovely garden sign makes the perfect addition to your porch!

    1. Me too! as you read in my post! great to meet you and hope the rest of the week brings you lots of positive energy! Hugs

    1. love yours too! Hope this week is a sunny and full of creative ideas for you

  5. Love your framed quote! This was such a fun project because it relates to spring!

    1. Its a pleasure to be in this challenge with you! love to meet new people!

    1. Thanks xoxoxo…. I appreciate your comment! so happy I met you and the group! you guys are amazing ladies!

  6. I love how your stencil project turned out! This would look adorable in my house. Isn’t it great to learn something new? Thanks, YouTube! Smiles, Linda at Paper Seedlings

    1. Thanks,appreciate the input! I saw that you have youtube, do you use that much, i’m trying to learn it, is it easy to use.

  7. wow..this surely looks so your home..and all the DIY that you do! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am having second thoughts about the colors of the flowers, I think I may experiment and add some pastel roses! Ill let you knowif I… plus it gives a chance to see what you cooked. Hugs and great to meet you Maria

  8. Ciao Maria! Thought I’d stop by and visit. I can always stand some interior decorating ideas and advice. I love gardening and that will be coming up as soon as we get home. We live in an older ranch ( we downsized) although our last home we built from the ground up. That was a major undertaking and our kids were small. Now it’s just hubby and I but I want to freshen our home. Looking forward to lots of great ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hello Marisa, so happy to have you stop by! its great that you did we have so much in common, I too with my hubby are alone and kids are in there own life, but recently my son came back because he wants to go back to school.He is a pleasure to have around again, but alone time is good too :)Your ranch sounds like a perfect size. Again lol I too downsized from a huge home to a smaller one that we built.I have lots of ideas I can share but I am sure you have lots as well with gardening and cooking. Let keep in touch! Warmest Regards Maria

    1. I will head over to see your chalk board, so excited to have met you! just love meeting up and communicating!

  9. Hi Maria, I love this saying and your stenciling is superb! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Janet

    1. The saying is very popular, i’m thinking of changing up the flowers and doing a different theme with roses! Thanks for stopping by! Love to meet new people.

    1. Hello jen

      Thanks for visiting my stencil project post! it was my first stencil and it was not easy at first but like in anything it became easier.

  10. This is lovely! I used to stencil pretty much everything back in the 80s when it was so popular. I think I should look into doing it again. I love to see what everyone is creating these days.

    1. This was my first stencil project, I never had done a stencil project before and it was challenging. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you tomorrow at Dream Create and Inspire.

  11. How can I buy the stencil! I love this. I don’t know how to make a stencil! Your home is beautiful! Thanks

  12. I have always loved this verse & your sign turned out amazing! Perfect for a porch or garden. Love your adorable little model!

    1. The kitty and dog are always trying to get into the action, they love to get there picture taken, such hams.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  13. This is a really cute sign, Maria! Love your cat next to it up on the window ledge… <3 Happy to share.

    Happy spring to you,
    Barb ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Maria, I love this, especially the location. I have a window just like this and it gave me the idea to put this piece there. The flowers are a wonderful compliment to your lovely sign.

  15. I really struggle with stencilling too. it’s always a hot mess and I end up sanding most of the lettering off so I can claim it’s distressed ๐Ÿ˜€ Love how your garden sign turned out and thanks for the tip on using a baby wipe. I’ll give that a try next time

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