I love that Spring is here almost and I get to start doing lots of projects outside. I thought that this old beat-up table would be a great project for my medallion stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil.  I choose a Moroccan style stencil which inspired me to do something unique for my tea party I have planned with a few friends.

Some decorative painting requires lots of time and effort. One of the reasons why I love stenciling is that the pattern is done for you. All you have to do is paint over it. The secret to stenciling is taping and painting over the pattern. You could make your own stencil but why bother when you have lots of companies that offer great stencils.

Before choosing a large medallion. I recommend measuring the table with the dimensions of the medallion stencil. to make sure it fits the table. If it fits on your table, take the stencil and practice on poster board. If you have an old table that needs some love this is the perfect project to bring life to it.