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How To Paint Chinoiserie Pumpkins Perfect For Fall

How To Paint Chinoiserie Pumpkins Perfect For Fall

Lately, I have been loving the chinoiserie look. In my previous post, I designed a holiday Christmas stocking from this amazing fabric from Spoonflower. I thought it be fun to paint some floral designs on white pumpkins for my mantel. I am not big into traditional pumpkins colors so I thought white pumpkins would be perfect for my mantel.


Multi-Surface Paint/Oil Based Extra Fine Blue Sharpie Pen/#3 Artist Brush/White Pumpkins/Spray Paint/Ribbon

Step 1:If the pumpkins are more yellowish than white you can spray paint them white.

With a pencil, I first drew some floral designs on the pumpkins. I used the patterns of florals  I found. You can copy anything that is chinoiserie. I kept mine simple since it all hand-painted and I didn’t want to mess up. Practice makes perfect. Start on one side of the pumpkin and create a series of three 5 petal flowers. Connect the flowers with a stem. Add little leaves to the bottom of the stems. Repeat the same design on the other side. Depending on the size of the pumpkin will determine how many flowers to draw. For the smaller pumpkins, I designed fewer flowers.

Step 2: Paint with the sharpies

Take the sharpie and go over the images carefully. Take your time and make sure you have good light. the best size sharpie would be an extra-fine point.

Step 3: Paint the flowers.

Painting the flowers with paint. Put a little paint into an old dish. Dab the #3 brush into the paint and lightly apply the paint on the petals and leaves. Don’t use to much paint.

Step 4:

Let the pumpkins dry for a few hours before you make the same design on the other side.

Once they are all painted let dry for a few hours before adding them to the mantel.

I  love how my hand-painted chinoiserie pumpkins turned out, not bad for my first try! Next, I’m going to try my hand on ornaments. I hope you enjoyed how to paint Chinoiserie pumpkins perfect for fall.

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  1. OMW Maria, how lovely and you got that distinctive blue colors spot on. I would love to be able to freehand paint something like this, but my hands always do a major wobble, and the flowers will end up looking like messy splats 😀

  2. Maria,

    These are lovely pumpkins!
    I loved this project so much I’ve saved it to Pinterest!


  3. I really love blue and white for Fall decorating. Your Fall pumpkins look so classy and beautiful. Amazing job.

    1. So happy you stopped over to visit! Glad you like the pumpkins, it was a bit tricky to paint but fun.

  4. These look great! Love the blue, neat twist on traditional pumpkin colors.

  5. What a beautiful way to decorate a pumpkin, I love these. And they match your decor so well.

  6. These are so beautiful, Maria! You are going to enjoy using these every fall for years and years.

    1. Thanks so much Heather, not as easy as it look, the flowers were hard to paint on the pumpkin, but it turned out better than I thought.

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