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Refresh Your Living Room For The Fall Using Non-Traditional Colors

Last Updated on August 22, 2020 by Maria Brittis

For something unique and different for the fall refresh your living room for the fall using non-traditional colors: Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Wayfair. All opinions are mine alone.

Refresh Your Living Room For The Fall Using Non-Traditional Colors

Refresh Your Living Room For The Fall Using Non-Traditional Colors

I know that fall is all about rusts, oranges, red and spooky decorations but for me, I like to be different and now that the kids are big, there are no more spooky ghosts or witches on the mantel. I have converted all that into stylish Fall décor that I can transition easy for my fall season. Don’t get me wrong I love driving around to everyone’s houses and seeing them all decorated with amazing fall colors and cool Halloween decor.

dark blue pillow for fall: Refresh Your Living Room For The Fall Using Non-Traditional Colors


I started off by adding all-new pillows in different patterns in the Navy. Many of the pillows were in velvet to match the velvet pumpkins that are part of the Stylish fall décor.

I have two sofas to decorate. I needed a total of 10 pillows, 4 large pillows for each end of the couches, then 4 medium and 2 lumbar pillows. Each sofa had a total of 5 pillows all decorated with a specific look.

Placement of the pillows on the sofa.

Let’s start with the Eustace Cotton Throw Pillow. I placed a total of two on each sofa. One on each end of the sofa. Then I placed the Bianca Solid Cotton Blend Throw Pillow after the Eustace and last the Lecenta Cotton Lumbar Pillow.

To find these pillows and others go to Décor & Pillows  category

Quality of pillows

I love the workmanship for these pillows, I saw similar ones on another site for double the price. The two of the pillows have hand stitching design throughout. The velvet pillow has a contrasting color of beige which means you can turn them over for a different look.

navy throw for fall: Refresh Your Living Room For The Fall Using Non-Traditional Colors

The Throw

I added one of the lumbar pillows on the chaise behind the sofa so it all blends well together. I added a dark blue velvet throw to keep up with the velvet pillows and pumpkins. You can find this pretty throw under the Throw Pillow category. The Roderick Shaggy Fluffy Throw will be a warm welcome in the upcoming cold weather.

blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins for fall: Refresh Your Living Room For The Fall Using Non-Traditional Colors

Table and Mantel Decor

For the table, I added some stylish chinoiserie pumpkins that I decoupaged with blue and white fabric and painted some in Chinoiserie design. Normally the orange pumpkins I used in the past would be taken off after Halloween but since there are blue and white they will stay up for most of the fall. For the mantel, I added the pumpkins on top books and planters.


I hope you enjoyed this post! For more Wayfair Ideas check out this post on transitioning your home to fall.




  1. I’m such a fan of navy and white and loved your photo inspiration. Those pumpkins are some of my favorites this season! Love Wayfair!

  2. Maria, I love that you used non-traditional decorating here! The navy feathered pumpkins are really pretty. I have a growing collection of velvet pumpkins now and I do find I like them a lot. I think velvet pumpkins will stand the test of time, plus they look soooo good with the pillows you brought in from Wayfair. Great look!!!

    Happy fall,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thanks Barb you are always make me feel great! you are a great person, wish we could meet some day.

  3. So gorgeous Maria. How I wish our home was so tidy and peaceful looking. Love, love, love the color scheme you chose. It’s soothing and exudes relaxation. So refreshing.

  4. Maria,

    What a lovely white living room you have!
    I love the navy as an accent color! Such a classic color combination!
    Velvet pumpkins are perfect with your decoupaged ones!


  5. You and I had the same idea, I like to have versatile decor that can serve multiple purposes too. Your home looks beautiful!


  6. Your colour scheme is really very pretty. And those pumpkins are really beautiful and elegant looking. You have a very beautiful home.

    1. Thanks so much, now on to more fall decorating. Not easy to think out of the box.

  7. Love your fall look! My decor is blue and white too, so I’m in total agreement with your colour scheme – lol.

  8. Maria, I feel the same way about decorating for ourselves now instead of the kids. I love the pillows, a great way to decorate and the blue pumpkins. I also love the wood coasters under the pumpkins on the coffee table. Thank you

    1. Since I wrote that post, COVID change things, I now have a house full of kids visiting, so I almost feel like I have to add some traditional fall decoration for old time’s sake. Thanks

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