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How To Design His and Hers Walk In Closet

To keep the peace create happy spaces and learn how to design his and hers walk in closet you can do with easy closet design system.

How To Design His and Hers Walk In Closet

How To Design His and Hers Walk In Closet:

Growing up in home with lack of storage space was a challenge. There would be one closet in each room that was enough for bare essentials. So everything else would go in boxes in the attic marked with our names on it. I had to get the shaky ladder and head up to a very dark and crowded attic. No fun.

I think those times taught me creative ways to organize. I soon became obsessed with decluttering everything even my parents pantry, linen closet and even their closets. They were pretty happy about encountering pretty closet spaces with cute baskets for there trinkets.

Organizing with baskets:How To Design His and Hers Walk In Closet

Supplies Needed For His and Hers Walk In closet

  • Labels

Design Process: His and Hers Walk In Closet

When purchasing my first home, walk in closets were a must have. Then I graduated to having his and hers walk in closet. Once you have it its hard going back to sharing just one closet. Its a great feeling to be able to keep the closet messy without having to hear it from your partner. If you only have one walk in closet that is large enough to divide. Creating his and hers closet can be done.

Step 1: Brand New Construction

The best time to add two closets is to do it during the framing stage of your bedroom. Instead of having one traditional large closet. Have it where the builders can frame two separate spaces. It really doesn’t cost anything more because it’s done early. Make sure you have a specific size in mind for each closet. My closet space was 110 by 68 inches and my husband was 85 by 69 inches. As you can see my closet was bigger 🙂

Tips: When my husband and I were designing my closet spaces, we noticed that there was a space in between the two closets. We asked the builder to frame a little linen closet for our towels and sheets or whatever we wanted to add in there. We also framed little space for sliding doors so we didn’t use regular door which takes up space. None of this cost anything extra because it was done during the framing stage.


HowTo Convert One Walk In Closet Into Two:

Depending on the size of your walk in closet, you can install a closet system that will give you one side for yourself and the other side for your partner. We used EASY CLOSET SYSTEM. Our builder installed this system into our closets. I watched and it was very easy to install. They have many different styles to choose from.

Organizing The Shelving And Baskets.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to closets. I feel this is so important to get it right the first time when designing them. My husband tends to be a neat freak. By having my own closet designed the way I want it. I can keep it messy and not feel guilty about it. I have specific shelving spaces for my things.

My closet was bigger because I had specific areas I needed for my shoes, hats, and pocketbooks. Both of us used baskets and labels. We purchased from Amazon. We labeled each basket, so it was easy to find what we were looking for.

Baskets for organizing:How To Design His and Hers Walk In Closet

My husband’s closet was smaller so he needed a specific area for his suits, shirts, and pants. He didn’t need much-hanging clothing space.

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  1. Gursharan says:

    Very well designed!!

  2. Maria,

    Designing his and her closets is a very popular request from my interior design clients when I’m renovating their master bedrooms.
    Nicely done!


    1. Thanks Robin, it really is a no brainer, I don’t get it when people build millions dollar homes and have one big closet. :)I see it all the time. That’s great about your clients.

  3. I would love to have separate closets at home, more for my hubby than me. Poor thing, I’ve kinda of unintentionally annexed most of the space 😀

  4. Deana Landers says:

    Maria, our bedroom is not big enough to have 2 clauses, but we have made my husband in office and in his office he has his personal closet. This works well for us, but I love the idea of designing a bedroom with two closets.

  5. You have so many great ideas Maria! I love visiting your blog to be inspired. Thanks for inspiring me to get more organized with style, too.

  6. These designed closets can easily replace traditional large closet.

  7. This blog beautifully illustrates the transformation of walk-in closets into personalized his and hers spaces. The strategic use of baskets, labels, and a versatile closet design system truly maximizes organization and functionality. It’s inspiring to see how thoughtful design can create happy spaces for couples to enjoy together. Great insights! Thank you!


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