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How To Install Industrial Pipe Shelves For Laundry Room

Tired of wired shelving here is a DIY on how to install industrial pipe shelves for the laundry room.

Caps for pipe shelving: How To Install Industrial Pipe Shelves For Laundry Room

Its week 4 of the $100 room challenge. The laundry room is almost done and I am beyond thrilled how everything is coming along. There were a few bumps along the way but I have made it through the hard projects. I accomplished my goals of painting the cabinet and installing the tile. It sure was a confidence booster.

Supplies Needed To Make Shelves:

  • 2-10 inch industrial plumbing pipes
  • 2-Industrial pipe flange
  • 2- Industrial caps
  • 1-11 by 48 inch shelf
Supplies needed for pipe shelving:How To Install Industrial Pipe Shelves For Laundry Room

How To Make The Pipe Shelves:

  1. Measure the wall, in my case I took down some wire shelving and I used those measurements to install the plumbing pipes. I had the hardest time pulling off the wire shelving. With the help of my brother-in-law, he pulled them off, and since he had some time to spare helped me with the installation.

2. Drill a hole and insert the anchors. The anchors are important to give the plumbing pipes and shelving strength.

Installing pipe shelving: How To Install Industrial Pipe Shelves For Laundry Room

3. Once the anchors are inserted, screw in the flange. The flange is the part that hold the pipes in place.

Flange for pipe shelving: How To Install Industrial Pipe Shelves For Laundry Room

4. Screw in the plumbers pipe into the flange. The cap at the end of the pipe is a essential part for plumbers. Since these are decorative that is how I am using it.

Painting the Shelf:

For Shelving I use an 11 by 48 oak stair runner I found for $10.00 at HomeDepot. Its not easy to find because its a unusual size but I was really excited that they were on sale. Since my daughter wanted white shelving I painted it white. Make sure you prime it once, sand, and paint with semi-gloss white trim paint which I had leftover from another project.

I am so pleases with the way the shelf turned out. So much nicer than the wired shelving. My daughter and her husband were so pleased with the industrial look.

Tips I learned From Installing The Shelving:

If you are pulling out old wire shelving, carefully pull out the screw with a set of pliers. It will eventually come out but don’t force it otherwise you will have a big hole in the dry wall.

For smaller shelving, I would use an 8 by 48-inch shelving with 8-inch plumbing pipes, easier to install, and it’s not so bulky for small laundry room.

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How To Install Industrial Pipe Shelves For Laundry Room

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  1. I love the fun industrial look of your shelves! They would be great in a teen boys room too!

  2. This looks great- I love these pipe shelves! Great tip on using the stair riser for the board. Looking forward to seeing your finished project.

  3. I love this idea! I really want to add some pipe shelf brackets somewhere in my house.

    1. Initially, my daughter said no to industrial pipes in the laundry room, now she wants to add them to her closets. I knew she liked them. Maybe in your closet. I had them in my other home in the kitchen prepare space. Love it.

  4. These shelves are so easy and practical. Great project!

    1. They sure are an easy project to do. Just the measuring is tough for me. but I have help for that.

  5. You make it look so easy. Thanks for your tips and tricks. Perfect for my storage room.

  6. Maria, I love these. My son did this in his living room and it looks so good and interesting.

  7. These turned out perfectly. I used some in our butlers pantry. I love the industrial look. Looking forward to your finished project.

  8. I bet your daughter is super exited about her new laundry room what with all the work and effort you’ve put into making it a beautiful space and that shelf looks like it will hold a load or two 😉

    1. Yes she is, now she is asking for more projects! I told her later, I need to get mine done.

  9. Very nice! I am thinking of installing a pipe shower curtain from the ceiling. I am not sure how the flanges will hold though. Finding a stud may be too difficut. Thanks for the inspiration!

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