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3 Ways To Design a Moroccan Inspired Bedroom

3 Simple Ways To Design a Moroccan Inspired Bedroom

I love visiting my daughter’s in New York City. So I thought I surprise her with a bedroom makeover. She has been hinting for months for new items for her bedroom. Her love for exotic fabrics and natural element made it easy for me to design her New York City bedroom in a Moroccan inspired theme. After flipping through magazines and Pinterest I found many ideas. Moroccan interior design is bright and detailed with large pattern design which is the perfect choice for someone who loves the exotic decor. If you love exotic and natural elements than you will love 3 Simple Ways To Design a Moroccan Inspired Bedroom



nyc bedroom makeover:moroccan accents

 Finding the Fabric

For weeks I was searching for fabrics at my local fabric shop. I found some Moroccan inspired fabric that had large patterns in blue hues and knew this was the perfect find. I had 4 canvases in my attic that I could cover, which would make for a great headboard.

Solving the Closet Problem

Leanna’s bedroom is large with no closets. To solve her closet problem we installed 2-tier clothes hanger floor rack on each side of the bed. It’s a trendy look for NYC apartments. One side is for her purses, shoes and the other side is dedicated to her clothes. Leanna clothes are bright colors and the mixture of patterns and texture fabric was keeping with the Moroccan style.

nyc bedroom makeover:moroccan accents

Step 1: The Head Board


  • 4 Yards of  two styles of bohemian inspired fabric
  • 4 large canvases
  • fabric staple gun

Take 1/2 yard of fabric and cover the canvas completely and staple the fabric on the back of the canvas. Keep fabric taut while stapling. Cover two of the canvasses with one fabric style and the other two canvases in another fabric style of your choice. That way it will give a beautiful and colorful contrast to the headboard. When placing the canvases to the wall, make sure they are low enough to create a headboard-like appearance. Hammer three nails in the wall per canvass to keep them secure.

Step 2: The Pillow


  • 1 1/2 yard of leftover fabric from the canvasses
  • 16-inch pillow form
  • sewing machine
  • needle & thread

Cut the fabric by 18 inches on each side, give yourself two inches to sew the seam. Sew the last seam half way so that there’s a gap to pull pillow form through. Hand sewn the gap opening to close.

Step 3: Bed Runner


  • Leftover fabric

Measure two pieces of the leftover fabric to 53 inches in length by 6 inches width. Sew both pieces together with a top stitch all around. Place on edge of the bed.

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  1. Love this, Maria!!! When I was in college I was all about bright colors (I grew up in Hawaii) and made these navy blue pillow covers on one side matched with a super colorful elephant print on the other. Still have them in a box somewhere!

    I bet your daughter loves how her bedroom turned out!!! Pinned to a bunch of boards. <3
    Barb 🙂

    1. You are the sweetest bloggy friend for taking the time to write! Thanks so much.

  2. It’s amazing how beautiful fabric can transform a room. Your canvas wall is such a creative idea in lieu of a head board. I bet your daughter loves it.

  3. Julie Briones says:

    Love this ‘headboard’ that you created with the fabric! My daughter and I went shopping for some bedroom items for her this weekend, as well. Very fun!

  4. Lynn Spencer says:

    Oh Maria…I know your daughter loved this! What a clever idea for those panels…tucking the idea away for future use and pinning so I can find it!

    1. Yes she did and hopefully, it’s still organized lol. Thanks for the sweet comment.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful transformation. Such a great and inexpensive way to give a bedroom refresher. I will definitely put this idea to use. Your daughters are very lucky!! I am sure your daughter loved the makeover.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. So pretty, Maria! I love the shades of blue along with the stunning prints. You have so many fabulous ideas. Thanks for inspiring me in our new home!

  7. What a wonderful makeover. Closets or lack of seem to always be my biggest problems. Great job.

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment, in NYC its a big problem for apartments.

  8. Maria I am such a blue lover, so when I spotted this room I knew I was going to love it. I really like how you ‘ve added the shelving on either side of the bed. The room looks young and trendy while also meeting the needs of a young on-the-go New Yorker.

  9. What a fantastic way to add color and character without spending a ton of money!

  10. Blue and white has slowly become one of my favorite color combos for decor! You did an awesome job!

  11. Great idea. I love the colours and the fact that there are four different designs.

    1. Claire, Thanks, I loved that the designs were perfect for my daughter bedroom since they matched her bedding.

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