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DIY Fabric Lavender Sachet

Have any scraps of fabric? Here is a tutorial that will make your closets smell amazing. DIY fabric lavender sachet.

DIY Fabric LAvender Sachet

I love lavender smell and it makes me feel good inside. So if you are interested in DIY fabric lavender sachet you have come to the right place. I was visiting my sister Anna and she gave me this beautiful French fabric.

Whats The Best Fabric For Sachets

Basically anything that is light weight such as sheer voilla, cotton fabric, or muslin. The fabric my sister had was light weight cotton so it was perfect.

DIY Fabric Lavender Sachet Supplies

How To DIY Fabric LAvender Sachets

Step 1: Using a fabric cutting board make one sachet, measure and cut two 5 inch squares of fabric. The cutting boards have a ruler on them so it will be pretty accurate. I have a small rotary cutter that is perfect for cutting or scissors will do.

2.Sew the fabric

Fold 1/2 inch of fabric on each side of fabric and iron until flat. Place the fabric on top of each other and sew along the 4 edges of the fabric. Keep a little opening to use to fill with lavender.

sewing the fabric lavender sachets

3. Fill the sachets with lavender

Create a little cone with a small piece of paper where you can use it as a filler for the lavender. You can use about 5 tablespoons of lavender for each sachet.

pouring lavender in sachets

4. Close the opening

With a ribbon tie the top of the sachet.

DIY fabric lavender sachets with ribbon

What is The Best Lavender TO use For Sachets

If you want the lavender in the sachet to last use. Determining the “best” scented lavender can be subjective, but popular varieties include English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and French Lavender (Lavandula stoechas). .

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DIY Lavender sachets made from fabric


  1. These are great, Maria! I’m pinning! Would be nice to make some of these for the women in my fam! I bet filling them with other dried herbs/flowers would be nice, as well!

  2. I think the dresser is lovely and would definitely use it in my home. I’m going to look around my house and find a piece of furniture I can finish like this! Keep those great ideas coming!

    1. Thanks my friend! Not sure if you knew that the post you replied to was for

  3. What a fun idea Maria and lavender is one of my favorite herbs to. It’s always so soothing. My Mom is a huge fan of home made Mother’s Day gifts so this is perfect for her too.

  4. Haven’t made these in years, I have some lavender so will be doing this. Found you on Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party.

  5. Haven’t made these in years. Brings back memories. Found you on Bloggers Pit Stop.

  6. Jann Olson says:

    I love lavender and sachets make wonderful gifts. Love the fabrics! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I’m sue it’s not intentional,, but I’m not seeing a link back to the party.

    1. Thanks I don’t add the links to my post, google does not like that what I do I follow the hosts on social media!I should be following you on your social media. I will double check.

  7. Very cute idea, these would also be great in your suitcases when you go on holiday. My clothes smell like shoes by time we get there.

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