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6 Ways to Create a Cozy Raised Garden Bed


All this week I am celebrating Earth Day. I am excited to be collaborating with Wayfair on such a wonderful topic. For example 6 ways to create a cozy raised garden bed is a sustainable way to get food. Perfect for Earth day. I have always wanted to create a raised garden bed, but here in South Carolina there are many factors that can make it challenging to having one. The garden section of Wayfair section had a great selection.


6 Ways to Create a Cozy Raised Garden Bed

Getting wood for raised bed!

  1. I knew I wanted something cozy and easy for the raised bed plans. So I found a very easy kit at the Wayfair garden section called August Grove Crick Planter Box. The kit is naturally rot and insect-resistant cedar

The kit comes with everything you need. I placed the four thick footings on the ground. Take the 8 pieces of 48 inch long cedar and slide it though the footings. It’ a very simple process. Once that part is  completed you can easily move the garden. Next you can concentrate on location and building the garden with whatever plants you want.


6 Ways to Create a Cozy Raised Garden Bed

2. Location for the raised bed DIY.

Location is very important for a garden beds. Since South Carolina has loads of deer, gardens do not survive very well. To reduce deer getting into your garden. Set up a small garden barrier with chicken wire placed over the garden bed.

It should also be in a sunny place and close to water. I am renting a small cottage and the back yard is fenced in. There are no trees so there will be plenty of sun for the garden.


Type of soil to use for gardens!

3. There are all kinds of soils out there! It can be expensive so I went with a combination of three different kinds of organic soils. I used a less expensive soil for the bottom. Then I added some quality compost in the center. Top with a quality organic soil combined with more compost.


  Easy vegetables and herbs to grow.

4. When I was brainstorming my garden box plans. I wanted to grow vegetables and herbs that were easy and produce enough food for the summer. So I remember as a child my father grew tomatoes and squash and there were always lots of those in the garden. So I added some cucumbers, basil, squash and tomatoes into the soil and added some little cute signs with the plants name on it.


Giving your plants lots of love!

5. When you transplant the baby plants into the garden bed, make sure you use kid gloves with them. They are very sensitive and delicate to being handle. The stems can break easily. Once there are planted carefully into the rich soil, water them at the base of the stem and dirt meet. Talk to them, as silly as that sounds they respond to music and sound. After a few days I was able to use a lightly spray them with water.



 Create a cozy and safe environment for gardening.

6. The last advice I give is to make sure when you are planning raised bed garden ideas that you create a place where you can stop from gardening a few minutes to relax. Have a table and chairs near your garden to enjoy a glass of water or a favorite beverage. Have sun hat to protect from the strong sun rays.



Hope your future includes  a raised garden bed. Happy Earth Week.


  1. I’ve always wanted to try raised bed gardening. Maria, your garden looks amazing and I love that you planted veggies and flowers together. It’s going to be beautiful! I hope you’ll show us photos along the way!

  2. I love to garden…and now that we’ve redone much of our property would love to try a raised bed. Maybe next year!

  3. Love that kit!!! It would be perfect for a small garden for those of us that don’t have a lot of room to garden!

  4. Oooh, I like the size of your little garden. We had grand plans for a big garden this year and it hasn’t happened. Small is better so often. Thanks for the reminder. Pinning. 🙂

    1. Stacey, glad you might consider a little garden its not that much work except for watering.Thanks

  5. Raised beds are always such a great addition to any garden. Absolutely love the way yours turned out Maria

  6. Ooh! I’m going to check out that raised bed kit from Wayfair… I need more room for veggies and I’d like to plant my hollyhock seeds that I’ve saved for a couple of years (will soak first overnight and hope for the best). Ready for that next house and garden… 😉

    Happy planting!
    Barb 🙂

    1. Hope you seeds turn out into a pretty plant! Hopefully you can have a garden real soon.

  7. Maria this is beautifully done. I would love to come over sit by the table have a glass of iced tea and watch you garden because you won’t want me messing with the plants.

    1. Ha Ha, I’m actually surprised my plants are doing so well! So there is always a first for something.

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