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How To Make Fresh Scented Pine Needle Potpourri

How to make fresh scented pine needle potpourri using Fresh Christmas tree clippings, pinecones and cinnamon sticks.

How To Make Fresh Scented  Pine Needle Potpourri

Making Fresh Scented Pine Needle Potpourri

I love the scent of Fresh Christmas trees. I cut a bunch of pine clipping from the Christmas tree to make potpourri. This tutorial is perfect way to use the clippings. You can cut a few pieces of pine from your tree to add to this potpourri DIY. Beside adding pine clipping you can put cinnamon sticks, scented pinecones.

I have these amazing pinecones from my back yard. I decided to use them to add to the potpourri. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make the pinecones you find outside with essential oils to give them a great smell.

Christmas tree clippings:How To Make Fresh Scented  Pine Needle Potpourri

Material Needed

Material needed for potpourriHow To Make Fresh Scented  Pine Needle Potpourri

How To Make Pine Needle Potpourri

Step 1: Cut Pine Branches

Cut off the pine tree branches with pruning scissors and you will start smelling the sweet scent of the pine. You can even go as far as cutting up the branches to get even more of a smell. Start adding the pine to a large basket.

Pineclippings:How To Make Fresh Scented  Pine Needle Potpourri

Step 2: Add pinecones

You can find large pinecones outside or you can buy them at the craft store. and add those to the basket.

Step 3: Large Seeds Pods

You can find seed pods in a large bag normally at your craft store.

Step 4: Add the essential oils, lavender and cinnamon sticks

Scatter some cinnamon sticks, lavender, Pine essential oil over everything. Mix it with an old wooden spoon. Start smelling the sweet aroma of pine, lavender and cinnamon.

Your potpourri basket can be placed anywhere in your home. Store leftover potpourri in plastic bags to preserve the recipe. After a few months, you can take a bag of the potpourri and refill smaller baskets. You can also make little square sacks with fabric and add some potpourri in them and use as sachets.

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How To Make Fresh Scented  Pine Needle Potpourri


  1. WOW never thought of that. What an innovative idea!!

  2. Very pretty and I bet it smells great! How do you keep the pine needles from scattering, and how long do you recommend keeping this? Thanks – glad I found it at the Wonderful Wednesday Blog hop!

    1. Thanks so much in coming to my blog. The pine needles did scatter when I started the project. Once you place them in the basket it stays there and it last for about a few months. You can refresh them by adding more if you stored left over potpourri in a plastic bag. Stop by this Friday if you can to Fabulous Friday Party and link up.

  3. I really do love this idea! I am one who hates to throw anything away and putting that bug beautiful Christmas tree on the curb is heart breaking. With your idea though I can feel like I at least salvaged one last piece. Thanks for the idea and I will definitely be using it next year!

    By the way, I found your post over at Worthwhile Wednesdays link party. I am over at and I am all about saving pennies and using natural elements a lot of times can do just that. So excited to start following you!

    1. Thanks for following me, I am very excited you like the same things I do! Love if you come to my Fabulous Friday Party this friday and link your posts! You are invited! Hugs

  4. This sure does beat the tree on the nature strip waiting for the council to pick it up to recycle, as happens here. Great idea, your basket is gorgeous as well!
    Wren x

  5. I wish I could get the tree back! I would’ve done this…I will have to remember it next year. Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment! It was so relaxing to make the potpourri, I wake up and smell the pine!

    1. Its does smell amazing, its everywhere in the house. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

  6. Brilliant!!!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo P.S. did you see my new giveaways?

  7. The tree we call Balsam in the US is a fir, not a pine. We collect the young, spring green tips from balsam fir in late spring when they sprout, and dry on screens. Oddly, as they dry the entire shed smells of fresh strawberries! The resulting dried balsam tips are fine, tender, resinous, and very aromatic; the essence of Christmas. They are ideal for potpourri, stuffed balsam pillows, and other such uses; much more fragrant than balsam needles from the end of the year.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, strawberries I didn’t smell that, but I added bunch of oils and cinnamon so who knows.

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