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How To Finish A Bonus Room Above The Garage

A great place for additional living space is above your garage. Here is a guide on how to finish a bonus room above the garage.

How To Finish A Bonus Room Above The Garage

The extra space is always helpful when you have a growing family or guest visiting for a few days. It’s also adds value to the home. This year I am a first time grandmother, so I am excited to able to have a space that my daughter and her family can enjoy a while visiting.

Here is a step by step guide on how to finish the bonus room above the garage:

My garage is a detached structure so it’s almost like a little cottage of its own. The space started out as a big shell.

  1. We hired a architect and he helped design the space with our input.
  2. Hired a contractor that can do basically everything. I interviewed many and found the best deal and best references. He made sure that we had all licenses and inspections needed.

When entering the space we designed it so there would be a hall way to the right, where it would lead to a bedroom, bathroom and closet space. There are no doors to the bedroom. I designed it as an open floor plan.

3. Added a little closet space. Since its only a temporary place for someone to stay. A large closet would take away from space for a bigger bath or even a larger living space.

4. The highlight of this bonus space is a large bathroom off the sleeping area. It will have a large tiled shower with a 36 inch vanity and nickel finished mirror.

5. Kitchenette space. This space is for a large coffee bar area equipped with refrigerator, microwave, sink and room for a small dining table.

6. Privacy wall. This is a free-standing wall that serves as a privacy wall which divides the bedroom and sitting area. There are no walls to create an enclosed  bedroom. I wanted an open flow for  light air and heat. This divider has a built-in that can be used for a TV.

7. The privacy wall is the wall between the living space and bedroom. The bedroom is large and it has a bathroom.

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  1. So much useful information Maria, thank you. Our garage is huge and we’ve been thinking about adding a little granny flat on top. We can always do with the extra space and it would be great for when the kids come to visit from Canada, so they can have their own small living space to get away hugs and kisses from us old folks 😉

    1. AS long as you haver some kind of design of what you want, its goes by easier that way. Thanks so much

  2. Wow, what a dream space and congrats on becoming a grandmother Maria!

  3. What a fun and rewarding project! With all of the various details it is complete perfection. Congratulations, Grandma! It’s the best.

  4. Oh, how I wish I had one of these. I want to add another story to the top of our house. It came out amazing I love it. Pinned!

    1. Thanks, we sold this house after wards so it was a good investment to finish it off.

  5. Maria,

    The space turned out GORGEOUS! Congrats and all that new square footage!

    1. Thanks, this is an old post, I have sold the house, but it was great when I had it.

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