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Beach Coffee Table Decor Ideas You Will Love

Last Updated on March 12, 2022 by Maria Brittis

For me there is nothing more beautiful than decorating with beach decor. Justing adding few coastal pieces even if you are not into beach decor will enhance you current decor. You will love these beach coffee table decor ideas.



When I was a child I loved combing the beaches with my mom looking for seashells and driftwood. She would add seashells and the driftwood into large bottles and display them on the coffee table or book shelves.

The next time you want to add some beach decor to your coffee table. Try a few pieces of driftwood or just a plain stay fish to add some coastal decor.

Here is another post about decorating with coastal decor. 10 Rustic Beach Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You. Adding a little coastal accent will add charm to your home.

starfish and driftwood

What is Beach Decor

Beach and coastal decor are basically the same. You are creating a relaxed, easy design incorporating natural elements. Often furniture is made of wicker, rattan and light weathered woods and fabrics.

Even though I grew up on a farm in Upstate New York, my mom always added a pieces of driftwood or a few shells scattered on the coffee table.

blue sofa by coffee table

Why You Will Love Beach Coffee Table Decor

  • You are incorporating natural elements to your own decor.
  • Your coffee table will look beautiful.
  • Beach decor make you feel happy.
  • Adding a few natural elements will add charm.

Beach Decor Accents You Will need

  • Driftwood
  • Seashells: I found my seashells on the beach. You can purchase them on Amazon if you don’t have any.
  • Pieces of coral: When I comb the beach I look for things like pieces of coral that drifted from the ocean
  • Wicket baskets: You can fill with driftwood and shells.
  • Jars: Fill them with seashells place on coffee table in tray
beach coffee table decor items such as driftwood and seashells


I am using a large round rattan tray. The first thing I did was group the beach items. I put the books together, driftwood and already planned out a plan where everything was going to be placed. I placed the books in the center of the tray and added a coaster and shells on top of the books.

rattan tray with books and seashell

Since the books are in the center of the tray it leaves 4 spots to be decorated. Right side I placed a faux plant. Lower right I placed a faux star fish.

beach house coaster and faux plant on coffee table

Since I am styling in groups I have two spots on the left to fill. I place the driftwood on the top left and more coral on the lower left. I finished off the centerpiece with a large star fish star.

Driftwood and seashells on coffee table

I really think styling your coffee table using a tray instead of placing them randomly on a table makes everything look lovely.

where to purchase Beach Coffe Table Decor Accents

If you don’t live close to the beach or lake. You can find many beach decor accents on Amazon. IT doesn’t have to be real it can be faux. Star fish, coral is an endangered species on many beaches so using faux star fish and coral is the way to go.

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tray filled with beach decor accents

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