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By now most of you know how much I love-making pillows. I thought it be fun and different to tie dye pillow case and create a Shibori design. If you are not familiar with this process. It’s a Japanese dying technique involved by folding twisting, bunching material and then binding it. Then you dye  it with indigo. Whatever is used to bind the fabric will resist the dye. This process of resistance creates a pattern. Shibori has so many ways you can create patterns. Because I am new at this I just stuck with two designs. One with squares and the other with circles.


What You Will Need!



  • The indigo dyeing kit (dye, wood blocks, rubber bands and rubber gloves)
  • Pillow cover (cotton, hemp, linen)
  • 2 containers(one for dyeing and the other to rinse)


Creating The Designs:

To make square design: Take the fabric or pillow case and fold into square. Add one wooden square on front and the other on back. Fold sides of material over the wood and bind with 4 elastic rubber bands. To make the circle design: Don’t use the wooden blocks and tie a rubber band on each end of the folded fabric.


The Shibori Dyeing Process


Start by mixing the indigo dye according to the directions. Indigo is affected by oxygen, so keep the container covered as much as you can. You will need to fold and bind your fabric. Once you fold  the fabric its time to dye. First soak the folded and bound fabric into water. Squeeze out the water and dunk into the dye. After submerging it you have to hold the fabric under the surface with your hands or use weights for 10 minutes.



Here is the cool part, when you remove the fabric its  yellow and green. When left in the air it starts oxidizing and turning blue like magic. It takes 20 minutes to oxidize. Rinse well and unbind the fabric. Let the fabric dry!




I am love with Shibori and plan to make more projects with indigo.Will you be creating your own Shibori Design. Let me know if you do!