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HERB GARDEN: Rosemary Spearmint Oregano & Basil

Rosemary, Spearmint, Oregano & Basil are my favorite herbs to cook with!

I love cooking with herbs! I needed to bring these spices together in my kitchen so I created a little herb garden on my counter from an old planter I had stored in my attic. It’s so easy you can do it blindfolded. Rustoleum asked me to join in their blogger challenge of creating a recycle project with their paint. They sent me enough paints to create loads of project, but I thought I start with this one. I love cooking and DIY so this was the perfect project for me. Excited with the way it turned out.



  • Wooden planter
  • Chalk Paint (Rustoleum black chalk paint)
  • Assorted Herb Plants
  • Chalk

Sand the planter lightly. Spray paint one coat outdoors. Let dry for 20 minutes and paint a second coat. After its dries add the herb plants and potting soil. Take the planter inside and start writing with chalk the herb names you chose carefully on the planter. What’s great about using chalk is you can change out the herbs and add new names on the planter. I did say you could do this project blindfolded but just the painting part. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!


HERB GARDEN: Rosemary Spearmint Oregano & Basil








  1. I love the idea of having fresh herbs right there on your kitchen counter! It somehow seems so “French”! ha-ha- The planter with the chalk paint and herb plant labels is quite attractive. I’m wondering, did you line the wooden planter with any kind of waterproof liner to prevent water draining onto your counter when you water the plants? If so — what did you use? I’m wondering if just cutting a plastic trash bag to size would create enough of a water barrier for a project like this? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mimi, glad you like the little garden, I have added some plastic on the bottom and then the soil. Hope that helps. Thanks

  2. This is really cute, it looks beautiful in your kitchen!

  3. Ins’t this stinking cute! I used to have one, but it was not this cute, or in this nice a kitchen 😉

    1. Hi Ariel, Its really a nice thing to have by the stove, when I am preparing meals, very handy.

  4. Such a cute idea! I love the contrast of the black against the white kitchen – super pretty!
    Thanks for sharing with us on the Family Joy Blog Link Party!

    >> Christene
    Keys to Inspiration

  5. This looks really cute. I don’t have much of a green thumb but this Spring, I have decided to grow some of my own herbs 🙂 Thanks a lot for joining us at the Family Joy Blog link up party! Pinned!

  6. Oh I just love this and also the choice of herbs. Thank you for sharing and linking up with us at #OvertheMoon Link Party. I’ve pinned and shared on social media 🙂

  7. I love the simplicity of this project. So great that you can easily change out plants too. Pinned and sharing. Thank you for joining us at Family Joy Blog Link-Up Party. I hope you will join our next party starting Sunday at noon EST.

  8. Looks so pretty!!!

    Thanks for sharing at #bloggerspotlight

  9. LOVE this Maria! I’m a fan of all black decor, lol. And I love what you did 🙂 I’ll be featuring it at the Creative Gallery tonight! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Yeah! I am not a big when it comes to painting in black, but some projects like this is fun.

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