DIY Holiday Wine Cork Stoppers


DIY Holiday Wine Cork Stoppers

Just in case you’re wondering!

…why would I make my own wine corks when there is one in the bottle of wine already.

The answer my friends, it will make the wine look pretty special for the holidays

Once you see how I make them you will want one too.

DIY Holiday Wine Cork Stoppers


At my house we have many little parties before the big Christmas dinner. I thought that my wine cork craft would be perfect for project for the  Virtual Holiday Cocktail party with 2 Bees in a Pod. Vicky and Jennifer do a great job in hosting.  Tonight night will be my first pre-holiday dinner in my daughter’s new home and I thought I try one of these cute wine corks.



  • 5 wine corks
  • 5 knob/screws
  • drill
  • screw driver
  • Pen



Step 1

Take one cork and with a pen mark a dot in the middle of the cork.

Step 2

Take the drill and place on the dot. Slowly drill until you reach the other end, making sure you stay in the middle.

Step 3.

Take the long screw and pass it through the hole using the screw driver until it reaches the other side. (You can cut the corks in half and use the smaller screws. which creates a cork stopper for different size bottles.The knobs come with 2 screws sizes use the longer one for the longer cork)


Step 4:

Attach the knob by turning it around the screw tip. Make sure you turn it around the screw several times until very tight.


I’m so happy to be part of the Virtual Holiday Party hosted by Vickie and Jennifer from 2 Bees in a Pod.

DIY Holiday Wine Cork Stoppers

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