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A Little Christmas Peekaboo at The Biltmore Estate

A Little Christmas Peekaboo at The Biltmore Estate

Home tours are great for the holiday, but this one I visited this weekend was seriously over the top with Christmas trees everywhere. You can find this home tour at the Biltmore Estate.

I tried using my  camera but the flash keep going off, flash is not allowed so I switched to my Iphone and can you tell the difference. I was pleasantly surprise how great they came out.

A Little Christmas Peekaboo at The Biltmore Estate

I will never look at a poinsettia the same after seeing them at the Biltmore. All the oohing and ahhing and  I kept telling my husband we need to create a poinsettia tree for the house.

He later was googling it.

Such a cutie!

And when I toured more and more of this home. I kept saying  how spectacular. It’s truly is unreal. You all must put this on your bucket list.

Portrait of Edith Vanderbuilt… Imagine meeting her and having lunch with this lady.


And we both were drooling at the copper pots in the kitchen.

And the shabby chic french painted white fireplace.


And the way the Christmas tree look  by that charming crib.

I loved this photos its my favorite I took two



And the gardens I loved so much, that where I could spend the whole day walking.

Bass pond to a waterfall they had it all.

If you love day dreaming you will love the Biltmore Estate.


And later it snowed all night in Asheville.

Such a winter wonderland

Where to stay In Asheville,North Carolina

We booked out hotels at The Grand Bohemian Hotel in Biltmore Village was right in front of the Biltmore Estate. Beautiful Hotel.

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  1. Just beautiful, Maria! What a shame your camera was acting up. I’m glad you had your phone as a backup camera. The arboretum inside is beautiful ~ it wasn’t decorated when I was there in October. I did get to see the one room decorated with the lush burgundy curtains and flocked velvet wallpaper; I like the angle you showed here with the baby crib. Thank you for taking me on another tour!!! The snow is lovely on the roadway. <3

  2. I love your photos! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Those poinsettas are stunning! Always thinking of ways to adapt in my old farmhouse, I think the simple trees in terra cotta pots below the copper in the kitchen with the were my favorite! Pinning -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. What an incredible place Maria. So much history and beauty in one place. It must be the American Downton Abbey.

  4. I so want to get here! It looks beautiful.

  5. That does it… I need a staff to decorate my place, even if they just move around all the poinsettias for me!

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