Transform Dresser Into Stylish Changing Table

Last Updated on March 31, 2018 by Maria Brittis

Transform Dresser Into Stylish Changing Table:


I am super excited that my grandson nursery is finally done. My daughter was looking for a non- traditional nursery that had all the comforts needed for the baby.One of the many features of the nursery was the nursery changing table. I transformed an old dresser into a stylish changing table.

Some of the features and the functionality of the baby’s changing table.

We added a super thick baby pad for changing the baby. The dresser has lots of drawers for storage of  baby items such as diapers and clothes. The top of the dresser is wide enough for the changing pad providing lots of room. The traditional changing table height must be comfortable enough for the mother to change the baby. This dresser was perfect for this conversion.




Here is what you need to transform dresser into a stylish changing table.

  • Wide dresser
  • Lots of drawers for babies clothing & diapers
  • Proper height of top of dresser for changing.
  • Changing pad

New Exterior Finish

  • Sander
  • Primer
  • Semi gloss paint
  • Painting brushes



  1. The top of this dresser was yellowing and the paint was flaking off so it needed to be stripped.
  2. Once stripped and sanded it was ready for priming. I painted the entire dresser with the primer.
  3. Sanded one more time.
  4. Then for final coat I used an off white semi gloss paint by Sherwin Williams that I had left over from another project.



My daughter did such a great job in picking out the color and the non traditional nursery decor pieces. Her son Theo will be able to grown into this without her having to re-paint or change to much of the room. I love the reclaimed shelving which displays simple items that are perfect for a baby boy. Her use of baskets is a great idea to keep things organzed. Here is another dresser diy, this one was the first time I painted a pieces of furniture.


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    1. Glad you like it! I just wished there was more light there, it was hard to take Photographs, I need to take a course in that. I used a several lights and it still seemed washed out.

  1. Maria the whole room is so so pretty! And it can grow with the baby.

  2. What a lovely and calm space for your new grandson! There is nothing like a grandbaby, and what a joy to be a part of styling this pretty nursery!

    1. Yes it was fun to decorate with my daughter! There is going to be another baby soon, so we are planning another nursery.

  3. I did this with a dresser that I found at Goodwill with my first baby who is now in her 30’s! The best ways to decorate by repurposing never go out of style! xo

  4. Fabulous. Everything is perfection. Babushka loves finding new used for “old” things. The decor is classy yet not froofroo. Again, perfection. Congrats on the new bebe. BB2U

  5. The room is AMAZING! Love the shelving unit and that wonderful changing table!

  6. Ooooh! I love all the white!!! Great repurpose of the dresser for a changing table, Maria. We did the exact same thing 27 years ago when our daughter Amy was born. In fact, the dresser was literally a dumpster dive! Or, rather, right next to the big dumpsters in our apartment complex in La Jolla, California. 😉 My hubby and I saw it while taking out the trash, thought about it for all of three seconds, and hauled the dresser upstairs to our apartment. After scrubbing it inside and out, I placed the changing pad on top, decorated the walls with cute Peter Rabbit bunnies I’d found somewhere online and sent to England for them, and waited for our baby girl to be born.

    I know your daughter and her husband are going to love their little boy soooo much!!! Congratulations to all of you! <3 Pinned several photos to my Pour Bébé board on Pinterest via Tailwind. p.s. Have you guys screwed the shelving units to the wall {I'm thinking boy, climber…}?? Just a quick thought. 🙂 Our Peter, the second kid, could climb at 8 months… No wonder he became a pole vaulter! 😉

    Have a great week! Looking forward to your grandson baby photos later this year,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Your changing table sounds so cute, thanks for visiting me and pinning my post.

  7. This is such a pretty room and I love your changing table! My granddaughter arrived last week and my daughter is still picking out room ideas. I’ll send this her way! Pinned!

  8. Mandy Mortazavi says:

    Do you know the paint color of the walls of this nursery room? Also do you know where the monogrammed lamp shade is from? This is so sweet! My sons name is Theodore too! Thank you

    1. Sherwin Williams nebulous white, it looks like a grey color. The lamp I forget where I got it. Sorry

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