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Tips to Transition You Home Decor from Summer to Fall


Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Wayfair. All opinions are mine alone.

Tips to Transition You Home Decor from Summer to Fall

Fall is just around the corner, meaning the leaves will be changing and the weather will be cooling down. For me all the seasons have a different look and feel, it makes me feel excited for what’s to come.

That is why I love to add seasonal touches into my home decor throughout the year. It makes each season more enjoyable at home. It doesn’t take very much to transition you home each season. All it takes a few easy changes here and there.

Step 1:

Put Away Seasonal Things

To get things ready for the next season put away anything that has summer vibe. Go around your home and eye anything that makes you think of summer. I live in coastal South Carolina so it’s a little harder to do that because everything is a beach feel around here. I do a modified version and put away a few items and add fall decor into the mix.

Step 2:

Switch out Summer Throws and Bedding

There is nothing like a cozy throw and warm bedding for the upcoming coming cold weather. I switch out the summer throws to rich faux fur throws to keep me warm on my couch. For the bed and bath category, I change the sheets to a heavier thread and add a heavier blanket. I am pretty happy with the feel of the  Lake Manor Ornelas comforter that I switched out. It’s super thick and I am so ready for the fall.

Step 3:

Add Seasonal Scented Candles

For the fall it’s all about warm feel and sweet scents for me. You can really make an impact on the fall with fragrances. Scents like blueberry and cinnamon are my favorite for the fall. Check out candles and holders for your next new scent.

Add a Seasonal Pillow

I live by the beach so I added this watercolor pillow. It’s a scene at the beach but the colors are what I am looking for. This is pretty much how my beach looks in the fall empty and serene. It’s the best time to go cuddle up with a blanket and watch the waves crash. Wayfair has many seasonal Decor and Pillows, especially for the fall.


Step 4:

Decorate Your Tables.

Decorating a table is a great way to get ready for the fall and holiday season. I add a few rustic elements such as books and candles.

Hope you all enjoyed these tips to transition your home decor from summer to fall.

For more fall ideas from Wayfair check out this post.




  1. Appreciate the ideas. I have to do unscented candle (allergies!) and want to use your tips to swap out table tops Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Cat! I can related to scented candles, sometimes they bother me and other times they don’t. Glad you like the ideas.

  2. Great tips! I love the little touches that add a seasonal element.

  3. Such great ideas! We have been having a hot and humid summer and this Canadian girl is longing for autumn!

  4. I love how you can simplify the process. I like rooms to look with just a few touches and not so overboard.

  5. Had to believe it’s that time already. I like your straightforward easy to do tips especially the one that says gather it all up at once, then start!

  6. Simply beautiful. I love the white color and its style. It refreshing. Well done!

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