Sustainable Ideas For Your Home.

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In today’s world its so fascinating that the word GREEN can mean so many things.  There is a interesting dynamic between green products and outdoor nature. Come and enjoy my tour of my  sustainable landscape projects.



 sustainable landscaping

When we built our home we wanted to incorporate sustainable products into our plan. We started with the landscape and started a compost pile to make the yard more sustainable.

  • Compost Pile Recipe

So take your dead leaves and yard pilings and start layering. Over time, add vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells. You will have a rich soil that’s perfect for planting a vegetable garden or just adding it around the house. So every morning I take my coffee grounds and add it to the compost pile.

I don’t have time to have a large garden so I just planted a few tomato plants and some herbs. I added a some of the compost that I made and the plants are doing pretty good.

  • Natural Pine Mulch

Using the natural dropping of the leaves and pine needles is so- much fun to create your own mulch and save money. Rake up all the leaves and pine needles and treat it with a natural fertilizer. Its the best form of mulch and it smells like Pine trees.

Of the the main concerns we had was to save water in case of a drought which happens every so often in the south. So what we did was planted a small lawn and more plants that required less water and that can survive in the sun. So we planted grasses, saw palmetto plants and deciduous shade trees around your home to help with air conditioning bills.

sustainable landscape


Rain Barrels are a great way to store the rain water when it rains. The rain barrels I picked were very cool looking and it blended with the colors of the home. We put two 60 gallon rain barrels on each end of the house. Once the water is stored it can be used for watering the garden. You can purchase rain barrels online though many different dealers. I used woodlanddirect to buy them.


rain barrel


  • shannon barnes

    I really liked this article. First off, I’m jealous of that big beautiful porch you have. Not many homes have them in FL. I’m a country girl, originally from southwest Georgia and I’m used to having a porch to sit on and enjoy the weather. I also like your suggestion about planting deciduous shade trees around the home. Anything that can help cut down on air conditioning bills in FL is a blessing. The rain barrels are something I hope to incorporate into our landscaping design as well. Thanks for such a great post!

    • Maria

      Hi Shannon
      Thanks so much for your comment. Its really has been great to have sustainable landscape around the house. I don’t have much grass, just the deciduous plants and because it has rain so much here I use the rain barrel water to water my little garden and the areas the require it. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks Maria

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