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How To Transform A Window Into A Chalkboard Garden Sign

How to transform a window into a chalkboard garden sign is the perfect Spring project.

how to transform a window into a chalk board ideas

How To Transform A Window Into A Chalkboard Garden Sign

I have been searching for some old windows for cheap around the local thrift store. It was hard to find since many of them can be used for building a home so they are pricey.

I found this old window at the local habitat for humanity thrift store for $10. The window was in the corner in perfect shape. It’s not a vintage window, but I say maybe less than 20 years ago. It was very easy to clean since the paint was in pretty good shape. I wanted to make a chalkboard garden sign. I am planning on using this window for my daughter screened porch. She needed something to jazz it up and I thought this Chalkboard garden sign would be perfect.

What you will need for supplies.

  • Window
  • Sander
  • Chalk spray paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • White Spray Paint
  • Small garden box
  • Herbs or flowers
  • Chalk

Step 1: Start by sanding the window everwhere. The purpose of this is to make the windows as coarse as possible so that the spray paint can stick.

how to transform a window into a chalkboard sign (painting process)


   Step 2:  Cover the glass with painter’s tape. Paint the wood white. Let dry for 8 hours before painting the inside of the window.

Step 3. Remove the painter’s tape. (You will now have to cover the white paint with the painter’s tape.) It’s the easiest way because If I put the tape on the chalk part first the tape will pull off the chalk paint. Once this is done you can paint the glass chalkboard paint. Let dry for a few hours before you pull off the painter’s tape.

How to transform a window into a chalkboard garden sign (writing with chalk process)

Write the names of flowers

Step 4: Now its time to write on the chalkboard. With a chalk stick practice a few times writing different font ideas. You can find ideas online if you type in chalk fonts style. Creative marketing has some great examples

Adding a garden box.

I found a small garden box that fits perfectly in the middle of the window. Fill it up with herbs and flowers and you can place it in front of the window.

For more chalk paint project. This garden box DIY is super easy!


  •  If you find a vintage window, you can create a rustic chalkboard without painting the outside.
  • I can use this inside as a chalkboard menu to write my recipes or what’s for dinner!
  • I found these chalkboard adhesive strips that you can cut like wallpaper and add to the window instead of painting. As much as I love painting this sounds smart! I may try them next!

I am loving my daughter’s outdoor rug! So here are some great looks!

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  1. Your chalkboard window turned out beautifully, Maria.

  2. Maria I love anything chalkboard and this is no exception. It looks so crisp and clean and the color of the flowers just make it stand out all the more.

    1. Thanks Mary! I discovered some adhesive peel off in sheets of chalk paper I am thinking of using that next time.

  3. Love how this project turned out! Thanks for sharing!! I have a mirror that I want to do something similar with!!

  4. This is such a cute idea. I could definitely see this used in an indoor herb garden setting.

  5. What a gorgeous idea Maria. I bet your daughter is thrilled with her chalkboard window.

  6. Your up-cycle idea turned out stunning. I love chalkboards and this one with a planter box is lovely.

  7. Lynn Spencer says:

    So charming Maria! I love using old windows in projects.

    Thanks for idea.

    hugs, Lynn

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