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How To Make Jeweled Easter Eggs

Learn how to make jeweled Easter eggs with sparkling jewels and create a Faberge looking egg.

How To Make Jeweled Easter eggs

I can remember when I was a small child hunting for Easter eggs was so much fun. My mom would decorate the eggs so pretty with different colors. I loved it when she added little embellishments to them to make them unique.

I had some pretty leftover ribbons and jewelry embellishments from my days of making jewelry. Items like mini crystal beads, gold beads, and ribbon are perfect to decorate Easter eggs with a little style. So thanks mom for the inspiration.

supplies on Easter eggsHow To Make Jeweled Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed To Make Jeweled Easter Eggs

How To Decorate The Eggs

Step 1: Apply Jewels

With a glue gun carefully glue each of the crystals or pearls in distinct locations.

Hold The egg and let air dry for a few minutes before applying any more.

Step 2. Ribbon

You will need to apply the ribbon rather quickly because the glue dries fast and make sure you create a uniform pattern. Have a steady hand with a glue gun. The key to this step is to cut strips of ribbon and apply them to a clean egg. If it helps, draw a design on the egg with a pencil. Place the piece of ribbon as accurately as possible. The eggs are placed everywhere alongside the branch.

Make sure the ribbon is straight and looks even.

Step 3: Let dry

Once you apply all the embellishments. Examine all the eggs for glue threads. Set aside to dry for a few hours before placing in basket or any place you like to show them off.

jeweled on Easter eggs:How To Make Jeweled Easter Eggs

I hope you like my jeweled Easter eggs. Will you be making any Easter eggs this season, would love to hear about them. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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  1. These are so pretty and I love how you have them displayed!

    1. Thanks Jen, you comment is much appreciated! Hope the rest of your week is a good one.

  2. So pretty, Maria!!! Great tutorial on how to make jeweled Easter eggs! Pinning!

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