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DIY Swim Ribbon Wreath


I have been decluttering my home and planning on downsizing to a smaller home. I have lots of bins filled with swim team ribbons and medals for all three of my kids. There are thousands since they swam from kindergarten to college. So I was trying to figure out what project I could make with swimming ribbons. That’s when I came up with this DIY Swim Ribbon Wreath. Since I can’t use all of them I plan on making one wreath for each so they can use it in their home.





  • Wire Wreath
  • Swim Ribbons
  • Extra colorful ribbons



Step 1

Cut all ribbons in strips about 5-6 inches long. The thick ones need to be a longer to tie easier. Then you tie the ribbons in  pattern onto the wire wreath. For example (blue, white and Green) The swim ribbons are wide so I cut those down the middles to make them easier to tie as well.


Step 2:

When you are tieing them onto the wreath make sure you put them close together so you can’t see the wire. You can go nuts with using lots of strips but I limited mine.



This project took me a few hours to do! I had cut the strips the night before which took me a few hours. To tie the strips onto the wreath  it took me about three hours without stopping. It’s a small wreath so its less time than a large one. I am really excited about using the swim ribbons and it saved  money and I was happy to recycle them. I am planning to give this one to my daughter since all these ribbons I used were from her bin. Swimming was so much fun when the kids were small, it kept them out of trouble and two of my kids got scholarship in college.

Do you have swimming ribbons and would you use them for a wreath. For more Ribbon projects check out the Ornament Tree DIY



  1. Maria this is such a clever repurposing of all those pretty ribbons. That blue is so pretty and really sparks life into the white room.

    1. Mary, It s a great way to give a gift to the kids of something they did as a child. Thanks

  2. I used to make this type of wreath with left over fabric strips.
    Yours is a great way to keep things but repurpose.

  3. Great idea, my kids have tons of ribbons from swimming too!

  4. Great use and keepsake! I wouldn’t just throw it away, too, this is a beautiful way to display them!

    1. I am so happy I thought of this the last minute, sometimes last minutes ideas are the best.

  5. I wish I had seen this great idea a year ago! When we moved, I was faced with hundreds of swimming, gymnastics, and baseball ribbons and tropies. My boys cared about them less than I did so most of them are gone now. Your wreath is a great idea!

    1. I know what you mean, I’m about to toss most of the ribbons except for the ones I am using for the wreath. Thanks

  6. The wreath is cute as can be and what a great way to save at least pieces of those treasured ribbons. NOW, what is this about downsizing? You have that amazing house that you haven’t been in that long, are you really moving? If you are I wish I needed a home where you are, I would take yours in a minute!

    1. Hi Chloe
      Yeah I sold that home last year, I know were are crazy to move again, but my hubby said if we downsize to a smaller house he retire in 5 years! This area we are moving is much smaller and the cost of living such as taxes and amenities is lower to which helps to retire. Thanks you are so sweet for saying that. Im located in the Hilton Head area so if you are ever in the area, I’m only an hour from Charleston let me know. I could not go to Haven because my daughter had a baby and she needed my help.

  7. Maria your swim ribbon wreath turned out beautiful. Love the colors! Looks so pretty hanging on the wood shutter. Great way to display it!

  8. Great idea! I have tons of those ribbons from my daughter’s swimming and hate to just toss them.

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