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How To Make Moss Covered Eggs For Easter


I am so excited for the beautiful Spring season and looking ahead to all the holidays like Easter. I have been so busy with everything that I finally got it together and created my Easter project for 2019. I choose to make moss covered Easter eggs. I had a bunch of leftover sheets of  moss  from a previous project.  For more info on the moss covered boxes click here.

The process to make these eggs is easy but a little messy. Make sure you do it on a table that is covered with a table cloth so you can pick up the tablecloth with one swoop.

Here is how the process starts. I picked some plastic Easter eggs at the Dollar Store.

  • Sheet of Moss
  • Glue Stick
  • Plastic Eggs



  1. Step 1: Place the plastic egg on the moss,  measure by folding over the moss and cut the moss at the point that it’s overlapping.
  2. With the glue gun spread the hot glue all over the plastic egg. Cover the egg quickly and mold the egg with soft hand pressing  moss everywhere. Think of it if it’s a ball of clay and you are molding it into an egg shape.  You can cut any excess moss that needs to be cut. You can add more glue to any spaces that need it.



The key to shaping the eggs is to cut any excess moss that looks out of place. I am so excited how perfectly shape the eggs evolved. You can add them in vases, on your tablesetting or even just scattered around your tables.


Even though I started my Easter project late. I know have another Easter  decor to add to my home each year.  For more Easter projects with eggs check out my Easter eggs with jewels. It’s one of my favorite easter project.




  1. Loved your project. As a dollhouse mini maker, I think these would also make great little topiaries with a hole made with a hot nail for a twig or small dowel!

  2. Julie Briones says:

    So sweet and unique, Maria! I’m not sure I’ve seen a tutorial of moss-covered eggs before. Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering!

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