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5 Cute Ideas To Celebrate Your Pets Birthday Party

We all know pets love it outside so why not give them a party to remember. Here are 5 cute ideas to celebrate your pet’s birthday party.

evite pet party preparation

Who says birthday parties are for people only?

There’s no reason our furry friends can’t get into the party action too! I am excited to collaborate with Evite on Pet Summer Parties. Since my Luigi is going to be turning 5-years-old in a few weeks, we had an early birthday celebration.

 Guests took home doggie bags filled with either feline or doggie treats. We all had our photos taken for the Evite photo contest, so if you decide to throw a party, I hope you do a garden party feline and canine style. Here are the details.

1. Location of your pet party.

There are many places you can hold a pet garden party. I decided to use my backyard since it was free and its a big back yard. You can have a party at your local dog park. If there are no dog parks in your area. Have it at a pet-friendly park.

5 Cute Ideas To Celebrate Your Pets Birthday Party

2. Doggie decorations.

For the decorations and food, we went with pastel-colored balloons, shiny birthday hats, and crown the beautiful outdoor as the backdrop.

3. Menu Ideas

I made homemade animal cookies, mini cupcakes, doggie, and cat treat for the guests. Display everything on pretty trays.

Doggie Cookie Recipe

  • 1 cup of skim milk
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla

Blend all ingredients until it becomes a round ball, roll out the dough and use a doggie cookie cutter (Michael’s) to create cute animal shapes. These are safe for both humans & pets! No icing for the pet ones.

  • Mini Cupcakes (for humans)
  • Doggie & Cat Treats
  • Doggie bags filled with either a dog bone or cat treats.

4. Games and Activities.

For Luigi’s party, we did lots of agility games, like fetching the ball and chasing the balls.

5. Invitation:

If you want to have a celebration for your beloved pet check out these amazing invitations. Evite has the cutest invites. I love the one I picked.

CUTEST GARDEN PARTY+Evite Pet Photo Contest

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    1. It was hilarious trying to get them to wear the hat, no easy task, thanks for stopping by

  1. hilarious and very cute.

  2. How fun! I love that you had a party for animals! So festive and fun!

  3. I love how your dog is getting into the action! He looks so happy, but the cats are like…whatever…

    1. Thanks for stopping by, your comment did go through! There were silly pets, but it was fun, I love them.

    1. I know they are the cutest pets and I love that they like to be in pictures, they know when I take photos them come by, I think they want a treat!

  4. OH, this is so cute. I don’t have a dog anymore but I still have cats. Do you think they would cooperate?

    1. It was fun doing this party, but it took several hours to take the right photos, The cats were persuaded by treats to look at camera. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. These photos are awesome — just filled with pure joy!

    1. Yeah! the silly and goofy pets of mine! they are always in on the action when I photograph stuff, so they like there picture taken. Thanks

    1. Lois, My babies bring me so much joy, I had to do a post for them! Thanks Maria

    1. Janet,
      Blogging is great way to share them, I know I will cherish these posts! Thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo Maria

  6. Found this post from Marilyn’s Thursday Favorite Things link-up- it seriously just made my day! As a chichi owner myself, they’re just too cute lol

    1. Yes, its great to hear that! I am thinking of writing more post on pets, since they are close to my heart and I have several!

  7. Birthdays are for everyone! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Maria, your Luigi is so sweet! I loved seeing pics of him in his birthday hat!!! What a fun idea for a party :).

    1. Funny! I love evite, they have been so nice to me, so love creating parties. I happy you stopped by, I miss ya.

  9. What a fun idea to give pets birthday parties!! It looks like all the attendees had fun!!

  10. So, so cute! You made me smile!
    Thank you for joining us at TOHOT!

    1. Thanks for featuring my pet party post! everytime I see it I smile, it was such a fun party!

    1. Melanie, It was one of my favorite posts to do, I love working with pets, very rewarding!thanks for stopping by.

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