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How To Make A Dried Orange Christmas Tree Decorations

For a natural and sweet smelling Christmas Tree check out how to make a dried orange Christmas Tree decorations. They are easy to make and all you need is 6 to 8 oranges.

How To Make A Dried Orange Christmas Tree Decorations

Dried Orange Christmas Tree Decorations

For the longest time I have been wanting do a dried fruit holiday project. I thought about doing a dried lemon wreath. I needed to do my tree early since I entered the Christmas tree blog hop so this gave me an opportunity to make something unique. It’s also the the perfect craft that would be great with my chinoiserie ornaments I painted last year. The tree has sort of a Mediterranean feel now since I added the Chinoiserie ornaments.


  • 6 to 8 oranges
  • Jute
  • Cookie sheet
  • Parchement paper
  • Assorted ornaments

How To Make The Dried Orange Christmas Tree

Slicing The Oranges:

This is super easy to make. You basically slice the oranges about 1/8 inch thick. Make sure they are nice and round.

orange slices:How To Make A Dried Orange Christmas Tree Decorations

Put the orange slices flat on a cookie sheet that is lined with parchment paper. That way the oranges slices won’t stick.

Cooking The Orange Slices:

Put the slices in the oven at 170 degree for 4 hours. The best time to do this is when you know you will be home for that period of time.

Hanging the Orange ornaments.

The orange slices should shrink in size and look dried. Let them cool. Cut a small hole at the very top for the jute to pass through the hole. The jute should be around 5 inches long so you can tie them around the Christmas tree branches.

Decorating Dried Orange Christmas Tree

This Dried orange Christmas tree is going to have other ornaments on it. The beauty of these natural ornament you can decorate the tree with almost any other ornaments. I very happy with my choice of blue and white Chinoiserie ornaments. This year I made more Chinoiserie ornaments with paper. That post will be coming soon.

I started with adding a beaded garland I found at Pottery Barn.

Then I added the lemon ornaments, chinoiserie and any other ornaments. I picked ornaments that I felt enhanced the orange without going overboard.

Chinoiserie ornaments:How To Make A Dried Orange Christmas Tree Decorations

At the end I added some silver sparkly branch filler I found at hobby lobby on sale.

I am super happy with the results. Have a great holiday week.

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  1. What a creative way to make Christmas tree decorations! Orange is not a color I would normally think of for Christmas decor but it looks beautiful with the blue and white ornaments.

  2. I love the old fashioned look of using dried oranges for Christmas decor. I’ll bet that they add a nice citrus scent to your home, too!

    1. Thanks Paula, it sure does especially when I was baking them the oven. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. The oranges look so pretty with your chinoiserie ornaments. I bet this smells nice too. I love that it has such a natural look to it and that it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. Great inspiration.

  4. I am really into the dried oranges this year, so of course I love your tree! I wish I had done a tree with them now instead of just a garland because the scent is amazing you must be in heaven. Pinning this perfection for later!

    1. Its been great smelling the tree, My cat is going nuts trying to eat the bottom ones, I had to move a few lol.

  5. Maria, I had seen dried fruit projects but always thought people used a dehydrator. I am so glad to learn how to do this in my regular oven! Your tree is delightful, and the homemade ornaments are a lovely reminder of memories making them! I hope you and your family have a happy and safe holiday season!

    1. Thanks Chloe, This was the first time I tried doing this and it worked great.Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  6. I would never have thought of this for decorations, but it looks great.

  7. Maria, I’ve always wanted to try to make a dried orange garland, but was always afraid I would mess it up. You make it look so easy! Thank you for the helpful tips and it looks so pretty on your tree. I can imagine how great it smells! Thank you for sharing with us. Happy holidays!

  8. What a unique and creative way to decorate a tree! It looks lovely with the additional lemon and chinoiserie styled ornaments! Your home must smell heavenly with these handcrafted natural ornaments!.

    1. Thanks Gail, it has made my house smell pretty nice. I added some real pine and that made it even sweeter.

  9. I have never thought of doing a dried fruit christmas tree but it turned out so pretty! I love how simple yet sophisticated it is. Definitely pinning for later.

  10. Oh, how lovely Maria. The orange and glue go so well together and I bet your home smelt divine while those oranges were drying out.

    1. Yes it reminds me of the Isle of Capri. When I went there there were oranges and lemons everywhere.

  11. Oh gosh; I can just imagine the smell! I love your citrusy tree Maria!

  12. The dried orange ornaments are perfectly rustic and homemade, really gives the tree a cozy and welcoming feel. I tried drying slices a few months ago but I didn’t leave them in long enough so they didn’t turn out so I will follow your tutorial next time!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! IT all depends how thick you cut them. Make sure you cut them thin rather than thick.

  13. Maria, I love the smell of oranges. What a lovely way to add nature and a wonderful smell to your Christmas tree. Thank you for this idea.

  14. Maria, what a fun idea. Your tree looks amazing. Love all these tree posts in your blog hop. Can’t wait to try this.

  15. Love the orange slice ornaments! So natural and they look great on your tree!

  16. What a beautiful way to decorate a Christmas tree! Thanks for sharing all the details, Maria. I look forward to trying your method soon. Gorgeous tree!

  17. Who knew orange slices could look so beautiful on a tree?! It really does work perfectly with your Chinoiserie ornaments.

  18. I can imagine what a wonderful aroma this brings to your home. Your tree is lovely and the dried orange slices go perfectly with your natural decor.

    1. Thanks so much Beverly! The tree had to go outside because my cat kept eating the

  19. Susie Surber says:

    Wanted to make orange slices with cinnamon or cloves some way to put on my table in a wooden boat with greenery etc for a Christmas display, how would I incorporate the cinnamon, sprinkle with ground cinnamon before putting in oven or by using whole cloves? Could either work?

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