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Diy Laundry Room Makeover On A $100 Budget

I am super excited about this DIY Laundry room makeover on a budget: Week 1. This year I am entering the $100 Room Challenge. I am planning on doing my daughter’s laundry room. Lucky girl! She is on a tight budget and what better way to stay on track than to enter this challenge. Hope you enjoy it!

$100 room challenge: Diy Laundry Room Makeover On A $100 Budget

A Little History of the $100 Room Challenge

Before I dive into this laundry room post. Let me give you a little history about this challenge. Erin Meyers from Lemon Lavender and Laundry created this challenge 5 years ago. It has been a great success with many bloggers including herself being featured in magazines. Erin herself has been on The Rachel Ray Show. For more info about this challenge, you can read it here.

Let’s talk about this DIY laundry room makeover on a $100 budget and can it be really done?

Before pictures of Diy Laundry Room Makeover On A $100 Budget

Ashley’s goal is to have her cabinets painted, a tiled backsplash installed, the wall freshly painted, and floating shelves. Yikes! Can I really do all this? Ashley works full time and with two young toddlers leaves no time for much. She did agree to paint the walls, which will help me big time.

Diy Laundry Room Makeover On A $100 Budget:Week 1 The Design Plan.

To jazz up this space, I am going to paint the cabinet a baby blue color. This will do wonders to brighten up the space. Along the back walls of the sink and washer/dryer will do a tiled backsplash This will be my first tile job, so I am nervous and excited about this. (I am using leftover tile from my kitchen backsplash.

Wired shelving: Diy Laundry Room Makeover On A $100 Budget

My goal is to take this wired shelving down and replaces it with floating shelves. Still undecided, but I love the plumbing pipe brackets with white shelving instead of floating. She loves floating, maybe she will listen to her mommy 🙂 So far with the paint, paint supplies, tile supplies. I am at $84.00. Hopefully, I can find shelving and supplies for $25.00. If I do then this laundry room can be done for $100.

Supplies For The DIY Laundry Room Makeover

  • Tile
  • White Shelves
  • Tile Cutter

On to the work for this Diy Laundry Room Makeover On A $100 Budget: Week 1.

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  1. That is so awesome you are doing this for your daughter!

    1. Yeah! She is lucky lol…but its also a chance to do things I have not done before like painting cabinets and the tile work. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see this blue color for the cabinets. It sounds so pretty. This space has great bones and can only get better!

    1. thanks I hope the color isn’t too light, hopefully the paint place mixed it right.

  3. I did my laundry room on a previous challenge and it was so fun! You have a great space to work with, your daughter is so lucky!

  4. How sweet to help her with this! I cant wait to see the finished space, I love your ideas!

  5. What fun to do a space in your daughter’s home! I am sure she will apreciate all of your hard work. Can’t wait to see the end results!

  6. So sweet of you to take on your daughter’s laundry room for her! She sounds like a busy woman. You have great ideas for this space. Hopefully you can figure out a good budget-friendly solution for the shelving that both of you love.

    1. Thanks so much, Erin. It is going to be a challenge but I am sure it will get done.

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