Botanical Decorating Ideas For Your Porch.



Here is some botanical decorating ideas for your porch. 

I love botanical inspired decor, the idea of  decorating with botanical prints  and plants play a large part in why I love to decorate this way. Botanical decor has a fresh, vibrant and soothing quality that makes the space so appealing. Lots of botanical home decor such prints or the real plants is highly popular in decorating.


Botanical Decorating Ideas For Your Porch.


I started with transforming a table I had stored in my garage into a pretty garden table.

What you need:

  • Primer
  • Sander
  • Semi gloss white paint
  • Botanical prints
  • Masking tape
  • Glass bottles
  • Dried flowers
  • Plants
  • Brushes or a paint sprayer



  1.  Sand the table. I used fine grit sand paper until every part of the table is done!
  2.  Spray  primer all over the table. Let dry for a few hours.
  3.  Sand again the entire table. Wipe off wood dust!
  4.  With a brush I painted the table with semi gloss paint. I tried using my sprayer but particles kept getting stuck in the sprayer, need to clean it out I guess.

Adding the Botanical Prints!

I added three botanical prints and taped them with masking tape on the inside wall of the table. (Masking tape sort of  gives it a shabby look.)





Collect Empty Glass Jars!

Another pretty botanical decor idea, if you have empty glass jars that are the width of a large or small mason jar collect them. I have been collecting them and they are handy. I place these jars with dried flowers (or you can use any thing) on the bottom of the table!





Add those plants everywhere!

Plants and dried flowers is what makes the botanical decor, so whatever you have use it. I love drying my arrangements and that is something else you can do. I finish this post by offering you a free lavender printable, you don’t have to subscribe.(only if you want to :))! But seriously its free just click on the link below.


Free Lavender Printable

If you love this post, check out Botanical Pillow Stencil DIY.


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    1. Thanks so much! I love glass jars, I’m obsessed with collecting them.
      Have a great week.

  1. So pretty and fresh for spring! I love dried flowers and this i such a pretty way to display them. Pinned!

    1. Thanks Wendi, I love dried flowers too, I am starting to make sachets with them. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the extra light.

  2. It looks so incredibly lovely and fresh Maria. What a beautiful way to decorate for Spring or any season in fact.

    1. Michelle, thanks for the nice compliment! Can’t wait for Spring to get here.

  3. That’s so cute, I love that you have space on your porch for a little bookshelf. The flowers and greenery look so beautiful against the white.

    1. Thanks my dear! Its a little porch in a rental, I am planning on building soon and hoping on something bigger. Maria

  4. I’m so ready for Spring and your beautiful flowers are so pretty! I have a few of those baskets in your pictures and needed some ideas for what to do with them so thank you for that 🙂 Now I just need to grab some dried flowers.

    Elizabeth 🙂

  5. What a beautiful idea for your porch!! Love how you have popped all of those beautiful flowers into glass jars! i bet you will be spending a bit of time on your porch this Spring!

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