7 Ideas to Add Color to a Beautiful White Kitchen


I was confused on kitchen cabinet color ideas. So after all the digging I decided to add color and came with 7 ideas to add color to a beautiful white kitchen. I truly was thinking of doing a grey cabinet paint. After multiple times of changing my mind. I decided to keep everything white. My last kitchen had creme color cabinets. So after some researching  popular kitchen cabinet colors in white there were many shades. Not every white paint is right for every situation. Some whites have blues in it and others more grey. I went with white dove by Benjamin Moore. It’s a classic, softly shaded white.

The great thing about white kitchens its like starting with a white canvas you can add anything to it and change it at any time.

. Add plants to a beautiful white kitchen for color. Succulents are perfect and they can be added in many places without looking over done.


7 Ideas to Add Color to a Beautiful White Kitchen


2. Since I have the coastal and a contemporary feel going. I can still use my collections of fruit, botanical and reefs.



3. Baskets are perfect to add more texture and warmth/4. Colorfully striped runners placed along the sink areas./5. Go With Colorful Upholstery on Chairs or Bar stools/6. Add some colorful plates or bowls around the hood or shown in the glass cabinets./7. Paint an accent wall to bring all the other colors together.


7 ideas to add color for a white kitchen


Its has been  fun and exciting picking out the finishes and design ideas for my new home. I am in the designing phase of each room. Things are going pretty fast with the building. If you want to stay updated and see the progress of the house I will be writing more posts. The house has been painted white and the metal roof is on. To see previous building post see here.


  • Pati

    Hi Maria,
    We are also working on our kitchen. I guess it’s that time of year. I so agree with you about plants. I little nature greenery really looks great in every room and perfect for a white kitchen. I’m also a big fan of botanicals. I already have a few picked out for my larger kitchen wall. They are more subtle than your but I had to laugh when I saw that you are doing something similar. Great minds think alike. 🙂

    • Maria Brittis

      I saw you post with the dried flowers and smiled because we do think alike. Can’t wait to see your kitchen.

  • Maueen Reynolds

    I love the look of wood in a white kitchen. When we renewed our own kitchen I was tempted to put in white countertops, but stayed with the butcher block and so glad I did! For some strange reason I never think to put plants in the kitchen, but I really should!

    • Maria Brittis

      I love butcher block, i had that in my last home and loved it! I decided to do something different!Yeah plants are cool in the kitchen.

  • Mary

    Very pretty I especially like the lighting.

  • Julie Briones

    Great ideas, Maria! I just did a transformation project to my wee kitchen. Looking forward to sharing it. These ideas will come in handy! Pinned!

  • Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal

    Hi Maria! Glad you are having fun designing your new home’s rooms now!!! I remember when we were at the builder’s office and we were having to decide on carpeting, cabinets and such. There wasn’t much for us to have to pick but I remember agonizing over white carpet with a dog and an 18 month old, Lol! 🙂

    Enjoy the process and I love your mood board-style photos,
    Barb 🙂

    • Maria Brittis

      Are you planning on building a new home! I thought I read somewhere you were looking to move to a new home.

  • Holliday Johnson

    So many great ideas! Greenery certainly makes a difference and adds such great texture and color.

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