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Create and sustain a healthy, beautiful home environment


The older I get the more aware of my environment and what products I use for my body and home. When I was growing up my parents were very healthy conscious people. They ate healthy foods. My father had lots of books on the topic. He would take me to meditation classes, teach me the benefits of fasting. Both my parents used products that were good for the environment. Most of them were home-made cleaning solutions such as solutions with vinegar, lavender and distilled water. I think they were ahead of their time and for this I am thank for showing me a healthier way to life.

That’s why I love Grove Collaborate their products have help me create a healthy and beautiful home environment. Their products smell home-made. Their basil hand soap by Mrs Meyers has olive oil, aloe vera, plant derived ingredients, natural essential oils and  glycerin. That is it. There are no ugly parabens and all those other unfriendly ingredients that are bad for the environment and you.


Create and sustain a healthy and beautiful home environment

Body Stuff!

I love Grove’s Lavender Oatmeal soap. The bar soap contains coconut and olive oils to moisture the skin. It’s long lasting and  mild  which is perfect for my body when I take a long bath.


Daily Facial Nourishment

I was looking for something basic and not expensive for my skin. I tried Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 and it was perfect for my skin, no allergies, not thick and it kept my face hydrated daily. I can even use it under my makeup. l love taking walks daily and sun is always an issue. This kept my face protected nicely without looking like ghost.


Daily Cleaning.

Cleaning is kind of cathartic for me. I am super picky on products I use. I was making my own cleaning solution with vinegar, lavender and distilled water. My mother gave me this recipe. When I found out about Mrs Meyers I tried their cleaning solution and loved it. The price was right too. It smells so much nicer than mine.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner is made from  a special Vegetable Protein Extract and combines garden-fresh scent with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. Its great on all my surfaces  such as finished wood, tile floors, countertops, porcelain, bathroom fixtures.



Hope you all enjoyed these great products. If you would like to try some. Right now Grove Collaboratives is having a special! Get a free 5 piece Mrs Meyers gift set with a small purchase. 

This post contains affiliate links and  I do get a small commision.


  1. I have used The Grove Collaborative and love the brands that they carry!

  2. Oh, I LOVE Mrs. Meyers products for that very reason! And now that they’re coming out with the fall scents I am in Heaven!

  3. This looks like a great soap and with my sensitive skin, I certainly can use a good one. Going to try it.

    1. Sensitive skin is tough! Have you tried oatmeal soap heard its the best for sensitive skin.

  4. I LOVE Mrs. Meyers products! It’s like aromatherapy every time I clean or do dishes! Grove Collab is a really great company, too!

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