spring stencil challenge garden sign

spring stencil challenge

Creating a Stencil project sounded easy, but it proved to be quite the Challenge. I was honored to be asked by Carol from Garden Up to participate in her Spring Stencil Challenge outdoor ideas for a great back yard. The challenge also features other awesome bloggers. Make sure you visit everyone’s project using the links listed at the end.

The project was to stencil  “Bloom Where You Are Planted” on whatever we felt would make a fun spring project. I had some old vintage wood that were made into frames. The stencil size was 18 by 20, so it fit perfectly on the frame. There are several components to this project. Each one is to be done in a step by step fashion to avoid bleeding into the sides of the stencil… But as I learned with this project, nothing ever is perfect! The first attempt of applying the paint on stencil was a mess, I had applied the paint on too thick.So I searched for a Stencil Tutorial and found this great video on how to avoid bleeding.

spring stencil challenge garden sign



bloom where you are planted supplies


spring stencil challenge garden sign


  1. Clean the surface where the stencil will be taped on. Center the 12 by 20 stencil onto the surface you are using.
  2. Prepare palette of paint. I used white paint and a large artist paint brush.
  3. Dab the brush in the paint and gently apply the white paint to the stencil. Make sure it does not bleed into the sides. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  4. Remove the stencil gently. If you notice any slight bleeding just use a baby wipe to gently remove any unwanted bleeding. Don’t be a perfectionist, there are always tiny flaws when you stencil.On my E there is a little bleeding, but I was able to get most of it off.

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spring stencil challenge garden sign

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