Room Above The Garage Part 2: Utilizing Space

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Room Above The Garage Part 2: Utilizing Space

Do you love storage?

Having years of accumulating  stuff. My goal has been to get as much storage space as possible for things I love. So before I design a new space I make sure I utilize the space wisely. For this project “the room above the garage”. Here I will show you how I created storage in small spaces.

And once I do that!



I am a happy camper.  I have created a space that can be used to its full capacity. For example in the kitchen area of this room above the garage. I designed a cabinet that has all the storage on the lower section. So I am saving the space above for counter space which is great for preparing meals.



Heading to the Living space I added a wall that was designed for a tv. That wall also is a divider for the bedroom. I hate cords so I created a hidden compartment for it.


Let There Be Light!

Lights another important factor, if I had closed up the bedroom as a totally separate room it would have been very dark and the air-conditioning would have been blowing on someones face in the living space. So I kept the wall as a freestanding wall creating more light making the air conditioning  evenly distributed. Making the space easier to move around too.


Dead Space Comes Alive

When you are walking up the stairs. There is a dead space thats not doing much. So we added some shelving so we can store whatever we wanted.



This cedar closet I had created for my pets last year. Its located at the foot of the stairs, so I loved the pet stuff to house. Now I have a closet for coats and whatever for my guests. You can see the Cedar DIY HERE



In the next few weeks the guest living area will ready and will do a reveal post.If you want to catch up check out post here and here.

I want to thank Lamps Plus for the bathroom fixtures and Fans.


  • Patti

    You can never have too much storage, right? Your room above the garage is turning out with so many clever ideas. Can’t wait to see the final reveal.

  • Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    The room above your garage looks GREAT! I love all the storage options. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  • FLORENCE @ VintageSouthernPicks

    Storage options are such a huge plus.. Utilizing dead space is huge. When we were building our house, I was appalled at great storage that just got covered up! I love that you’re hiding cords behind the TV space too.

    • Maria Brittis

      I have built several homes and my first had no storage, but each time I built one, i keeping adding more storage space. I learn from the last house. Hugs Maria

  • Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal


    The upstairs garage rooms are turning out great! I LOVE that you are hiding the tv in the wall ~ I hate cords hanging all over the place, too {one really nice thing about our new, big trailer… the cords ALL fit inside the cabinets and behind the t.v. I’m thinking a woman designed the space. ;0)}. The half wall was a great idea! I agree, a/c always seems to blow hard on one side and zip on the other so you’re either freezing or burning up. That was one thing I would like to have changed in our bedrooms at our old house if we’d have stayed. We were already adding bathroom vents, so redoing the vents to bigger and smaller in certain bedrooms would have been a plus. Next house!

    Excited to see the reveal. Your hard work shows ~ looks great so far!
    Barb 🙂

    • Maria Brittis

      Barbara, Its true, leave it up to a Women to Design storage spaces. I am glad you liked the ideas. My hubby sometimes has a mind of a women. He came up with the storage idea in dead space. I came up with the hidden cord.

  • Mary

    Such a well thought out plan Maria. You are using your space wisely while at the same time creating a beautiful home. Wanna come over and help me with mine? 😉

    • Maria Brittis

      I would love to come to Greece, its been a dream. Maybe someday. You are welcome here any time. Seriously.

  • Kim

    What a lovely space and you are so lucky to have such a neat area to decorate. I can’t wait to see the full reveal…

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks so much for the book, I received it today! It looks great in my kitchen against the white kitchen.

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