Kitchen and Bath Design For Small Spaces

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The Room Above the Garage

I decided early part of the year to finish a room above the garage. In my post on finishing a room above the garage. The room was designed with a kitchen and bathroom. The prospect however may be a bit daunting, and you don’t quite know where to begin. Whether you choose a DIY or choose to have it done for you, the first step is to begin by choosing design and a look that appeals to you.

For me adding a kitchen and bathroom for a small space is still a major  project. Finding the right contractors is no easy task. It can certainly be stressful. You can take the first small step by simply choosing some design trends that appeal to you. In Part 1 of finishing a room above the garage. I hired an architect to design something sleek and clean looking. The plans also shows the contractors where to put

…everything in its place.

The Design

When I was designing the kitchen and bath to fit in a relatively small space it was not an easy task. So with my architect we came up with a plan of fewer walls. The kitchen is part of the living area.  But I also wanted to add some storage space and less “stuff”on kitchen and bath counters. The solution since it’s for guests is to keep things clean and clutter free. I added some shelving in the hallway that was just dead space.

Cabinet Design

My Kitchen Cabinet was relatively an easy design with all cabinets on lower end. A place for a beverage refrigerator and a spot for a microwave. Because this was primary for guests that’s all that was needed.


Showers  vs Tub

Bathroom vanity was a simple clean design with a space on the bottom for towels. I love showing white towels for that spa feel. I wanted to build a kitchen or bathroom that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

If I had my way I would take a bath every day. That how much I love tubs. I be lost without mine. But sometimes there is not enough space for that luxury. Instead  I created a luxurious shower with a spa-like experience perfect for  a smaller bath room. It had a small seat for sitting.

However, if you are like me and need a tub there are smaller freestanding bathtubs, such as traditional claw foot styles.

 Tile Design for shower

There are so many tiles to choose from. I choose a  river rock for the shower floor and 12-inch by 24-inch porcelain tiles arranged in staggered patterns.

 Color Choices

If you have built and sold as many homes as I have you know that going with neutral colors is the key to staging a  home for sell. In this project all cabinets were a creme color. This way it extends the design lifespan in your home. If your preference is color, add touches of colorful linens on bedding, or maybe one colorful wall. Grey is popular and a nice change to all whites or beige.

Kitchen and Bath Design For Small Spaces

Counter Tops

Since everyone loves the look of marble, lately homeowners are considering  options such as engineered quartz counter-tops for their kitchen and bath counter-tops. When I had my counter tops priced for the vanities I forgot how more expensive my counter tops were going to be for the quartz. I  knew that granite comes in white and found a remnant for almost $1000 cheaper, so I  choose granite instead of the quartz. I can hardly tell the difference. (Photo above )is marble that I used in bathroom in main house upstairs. The similarities of white granite and marble are amazing. Will show you in next reveal post.


I hope these design tips help you. Love to hear about you ideas for your kitchen and bath. My reveal is not happening for a few more week and will update you all.

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  • Katherines Corner

    I daydream about your gorgeous house my friend. Whatever you decide to do I kn0ow it will be gorgeous xo p.s. we have that bathroom tile in our master bath

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks Katherine. Someday i’ll have to get in on a giveaway. Its been super crazy for me. Daughter had a baby helping with that and doing some sponsor posts with brands.
      Hope you are well.

  • Doreen

    I just did part of my bathroom. It’s very small. In fact, I’m working on a post about it now. Check it out on my blog if you get a chance. Your designs and ideas are beautiful. I pinned your post. 🙂

  • Lynn Spencer

    What a lovely space for houseguests…you’ve really considered all aspects to create a functional and inviting ‘home away from home’…now I’m just waiting for my invite!😊

  • Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal

    Big project but I know it’ll turn out beautifully in the end! Everything you touch turns to decorating gold! <3 Happily pinned to my Ethereal Bathroom board for future reference.

    Barb 🙂

  • Leanna

    This is such a beautiful place for guests Maria. Having their own little kitchen even you think of everything. I look forward to seeing how you complete and decorate it. I love the clean open style of it already.

  • Mary

    You are one very busy lady. Maria between your duties as grandmother and all this decorating. Always love everything you do to this amazing house.

    • Maria Brittis

      Hey Mary, It has been chaotic with getting my house ready and being a grandmother too. But Been doing meditation and it helps.

  • Amanda

    It’s so beautiful! You’ve made some really smart choices here!

    • Maria Brittis

      Thanks Amanda! Its been really interesting tying to save money and I am determined. Sometimes people really jack there prices which makes me mad. 🙂

  • sarah

    We are actually in the process of designing our master bathroom. I’m looking for ways to save versus where to splurge. That’s so interesting to see that the marble was cheaper than the quartz! I would have thought it would have been the opposite. But good to know because I was considering marble!!

    • Maria Brittis

      Hey thanks, actually the White granite is cheaper than any of them. I saved over $1000 in using a renmant in white granite. Its hard to find sometimes as a remnant. but go look at a few different places. The white granite looks so similar.

  • Chloe

    I always love when I get to see pictures of your gorgeous home! Best of luck with the room above the garage project. We have an apartment above our garage and a studio apartment is part of the first floor of our garage. Later this year we will begin to work with an architect to expand both the upstairs and main floors of the building, I look forward to learning from you! Fortunately, my studio apartment already has a bedroom, so only updating it will be a much smaller task than you are facing!

    • Maria Brittis

      Thats great that you have tons of space, I am trying to create more space for resale value. We are planning to sell our home soon. This area the homes are selling pretty good.

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