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Nature Inspired Lighting Ideas

contempory decor for lamps

South Shore Decorating

Nature-inspired lamps are popular and very contemporary.

I am excited that lately I am seeing more and more decor with nature-inspired design to it. Retailers are producing a range of products that feature branches, trees and stumps.

 contemporary kitchen with white hanging lamps


 White decor with hints of color are in.

I am pretty obsessed with white decor. This white pine cone pendant will add WOW-factor hanging over any kitchen table.

contemporary wooden hanging lamps for bedroom

Nomadic Decorator

Natural wooden lights & accents.

A mixture of jute and wood add an earthy appeal to any room.

all white living are

Jacqueline Clark

Clean, bold & gorgeous.

I love this look! All white everything! But, wait. Take a closer look, and you’ll see the natural additions. Old wood tables w/ artisan pottery, plus a touch of lively green with plant accents. Also, how cool are those black floor lamps?!

Get the Look:

branch tables lamps

 1       2

contemporary chandelier for kitchen

3      4



contemporary wooden hanging chandelier

4      5

contemporary floor lights for living room


6     7

Will you be adding contemporary accents to your decor?


  1. Contemporary is definitely my style and I love each of these pictures. Great round-up!

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