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10 Things To Do In Sullivan’s Island South Carolina

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND:Sleepy Little Beach Town


If you been following my blog these past few years, then you know I am in love with Coastal, South Carolina. A few weeks back we took a road trip to Charleston to see the Women’s Family Circle Tennis. We spent the night. The following morning we headed to one of my favorite places called Sullivan’s Island it is only 15 minutes outside of Charleston.

sullivan island 9


Sullivan Island is a quaint town which is only  2.5  square miles long. It’s one of South Carolinians best-kept secret. What I love about this sleepy town is its small time feel. Both my husband and I  with my dog Luigi walked down the quiet streets. Cheerful cottages with multi-colored facades are what makes this adorable coastal town a popular place to vacation.

sullivan island 8


One of the beautiful things about taking a leisure stroll through a quiet town its reminder of how things can stay true to its original life.

sullivan island 5


Real estate has been busy with vacation homes being purchased, but town ordinances keep this small town vibe.

sullivan island 6

Sullivan Island is known as well for some good eateries such as Poe’s Tavern, the Obstinate Daughter and Sullivan Restaurant. One place that left a sweet taste in my mouth was Beards Cat Sweet Shop, it is right below Obstinate daughter. It’s a coffee shop and gelateria with amazing home-made pastries.


I know there will be many more trip back here for me. How about you?  Love to hear about them. If you are looking at places to stay in Sullivan Island check out Trip Advisor for great hotel deals.



  1. Maria, the pictures are amazing! What a cute beach town. I have been fortunate to have visited Sullivan’s Island, and whole heartedly agree that I love the area. Great post!

    1. Madison, its my favorite place to visit and its so close by to me. I am truly luck to live here in this beautiful region

  2. What a beautiful place to visit.
    Charleston is on my bucket list, and now I can add Sullivan Island.
    Thank you for sharing your trip at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

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    1. I am in Charleston again this weekend, hubby had a conference, so thats where I am shopping for some blue and white. I’m only 1.5 hours away
      Let me know if you are ever in that town!

  3. Yes that’s on my bucket list too! We could all gather there and eat and shop. 🙂

    Happy Thoughts of Home.

    1. Sounds like a plan, are you going to the Haven Conference for bloggers in Atlanta,I just bought my ticket, its my first, it would be great to see you there .

  4. What a charming place! I am a bit late to the TOHOT party due to my college semester finals but I’m so glad that I didn’t miss this. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Laura, Its never to late to come to a party! I love when you all stop by and read my posts, makes my day! Glad you like Sullivan Island.
      Where do you go to college.

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