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7 Ideas For A Charming Mother’s Day Garden Tea Party

Do something special for Mother’s day and create 7 ideas for a charming mother’s day garden tea party.

mothers day garden tea fete

Plan something special for the mother in your life. This year I am planning a mother’s day garden tea party for all my friends who are moms. Since my mom is no longer with me. She is indeed in spirit. I thought it be fun to create something I can share this special day with.

 I am going to set up this garden tea party in my backyard garden. Since the theme is the tea party, its actually easy to create, budget-friendly too. I knew a  tea party theme would be a perfect theme for my sister since she is a lover of teas and desserts. I went for more of a vibe with blue and white china, and plenty of plants, flowers with nature as the backdrop.

mothers day garden tea fete

1. Choose a theme

1. Choose a theme for the garden tea party. I went with a French country theme. Imagine having tea set in the french countryside.

mothers day garden tea fete

2.China and accessories.

I had matching blue & white china with matching pedestal cake plate, white linens, vintage sterling silver flatware, and Lenox wine glasses. I almost forgot, a pretty white teapot by Porcellana De Paris, to keep that French vibe. There are so many ideas for China, get creative and you can find many sales at your HomeGoods where I found my blue and white. Sometimes you can find vintage teas set at the thrift stores quite cheap. Remember investing in a good white tablecloth to set the stage will just add elegance yo your tea party. Just saying!

vintage tea parties and flowers

3: Flowers and decorations

To capture the whimsical-nature of the garden the tea party centerpieces were I choose flowers called Cote Azure purple (purple bindweed found in the south of France). There are so many options such as roses, gardenia, or hydrangeas.


mothers days garden tea fete


If you are thinking of having a garden tea party and space is an issue. Don’t stress anymore, you can set a table smack in your back yard porch. You don’t have to have lots of green space. Another great idea is to have it at a park.

6. Menu ideas

I kept my menu simple. I made an Apple Pie. I had a variety of different teas and surprised my friends with white wine. there are loads of ideas that are simple for tea. quiche lorraine is a popular one for teas, brownies and chocolate cookies all go great with tea and white wine.

7. Invitations.

I use Evite for my party. Send an Evite invitation to let your special people in your life know about your garden tea party. Try this Mother’s Day Invitations. Get started Free.

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  1. Anna Minnetto says:

    Thanks Maria, you did a beautiful job. Your the best sister ever. Looking forward to it. Love you

  2. What a thoughtful post for your sister! Love the idea of sending an evite to someone special and love the tea party theme. I live in an apartment building so don’t have a ton of space, but there is a great park up the road that I would love to replicate this idea. Great post Maria!

    1. Thanks, I hope you get to create a party for someone special, there are lots of evite ideas in there website.

    1. Linda
      Glad you find the post heartwarming! Very kind of you! I love that my sister was happy!
      Warmest Regards

    1. Hi Maria, hope your day was a good one! So happy you enjoyed the mother’s day post. I love evite, its a great way to create a invitations for a party.
      Have a great rest of your week

  3. Thanks for sharing – we LOVE the idea of having a homemade apple pie for this garden party!

    1. I am thrilled to have created this party for you and my sister Anna. Evite is an amazing platform to create invitations for every occasion. It had been a great experience and will use it for all my parties.

    1. So excited you came over to my blog to leave such nice comments! Love your parties

      1. I have featured your post today on my blog as part of Thursday Favorite Things!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this charming and beautiful Mother’s Day setting with us at TOHOT!
    We love having you!

    1. Jemma
      So excited to have found your blog, I need to subscribe so I don’t loose you! So easy to get loose contact! Will go subscribe.

  5. Your table is beautiful! The dishes, the chairs, the natural’s all wonderful.

    Happy Thoughts of Home. 🙂

  6. Your outdoor table is beautiful! I am loving blue and white right now.

    1. Sherry, thats so so sweet of your to stop by, your made my night! I hope my friend you have a great mother days this weekend!

  7. This is a beautiful tea table for your sister! Love the china and silverware. Thanks for sharing at The Creative Circle.

  8. So, so pretty Maria!
    Elegant and welcoming all at the same time.
    I love the blue and white pattern- did I miss the name? I would love to know what it is .
    Happy TOHOT!
    Thanks for joining us!


    1. Thanks so much Laura, the Pattern was Porcellana De Paris,I found it at HomeGoods!

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