Shutter Wall Decor Lighting Fixture




I am obsessed with shutters, especially antique ones with history. A few years ago I  purchased 5 antique shutters from a collector in New England. It’s been fun creating ideas for them. In this old shutters diy I will create a shutter wall decor lighting fixture. These vintage shutters can be used anywhere in your home!


Whats needed!

  • 2 Exterior shutters
  • Paint remover
  • Sander
  • White chalk paint
  • Lighting fixture

Step 1: Remove the old green paint from shutters. This is a bit tough because the paint has been on these shutters for over 100 years! I had to use two coats to remove most.


Step 2: Wash off the paint remover, Dry the shutters and let dry in sun for a day. After the majority of the old paint has been removed sand the shutters until the original wood shows through.



Step 3: Apply the chalk paint. For old shutters it will require two coats. Ofcourse you can use any color paint you want and it does not have to be chalk. But this Chalk paint by Amitha Verna is quality paint and it covered the best I have ever seen chalk cover.



Step 4: After you have painted both shutters apply the clear chalk finish. This does protect the paint from yellowing. Use a very clean brush so there are no particles on the newly painted shutter.



Adding the light fixture!



I contacted the my electrician friend. He had done my old doors and you can see that project here! This time he was able to slip the wire from the lighting fixture though the slats of the shutters and connect it to a light plate and screw the plate on the back  to the shutter. I was happy he did not drill a hole. I was worried that the slats would crack. Again like the doors there is a long cord that can be used to plug into an outlet.



Lighting Fixture Ideas from WayFair for this Shutter Projects!