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15 Shutter Ideas You Will Love

I love shutter projects. Throughout the years I have created several. I was searching for more ideas and found a bunch. Here are 15 DIY shutter ideas that definitely inspired me and I’m planning on making more this summer.

15 Shutter Ideas You LOVE TO MAKE

Spring Shutter By Marty’s Musings

For a shabby chic look do what Marty did and add them on the wall with charming wreaths hanging from them. This is something I have been wanting to do in the bedroom as a statement piece.

Old Shutter For Displaying Photographs: Artys Chics Rule

I have a truck load of photographs and need some ideas to display them and this really caught my eye. This has a true coastal vibe and since my home is coastal it’s perfect. I loved to try this in different areas of the house like my guest bathroom or even the study.

DIY Shutter Headboard & Sconce Shutter: MichelleJDesigns

I love this idea of using the shutter as a head board. It’s super easy to do and looks so clean. Michelle also went an extra step and added sconces to the other shutters.

Easy Shutter Shelf: Hootshack

How adorable is this, She added the shutter below the shelf to give it a whole new dimension.


Vintage Blue Shutter: Dabbling and Decorating

If you want to transform your whole space into something dreamy. Adding this groupings of shutters and vintage windows with warms tones of blue will achieve this.

Shutter Art: Boondocks Blog

This is the funniest read for making a project. I love how Mary thought her shutter project would take 30 minutes which ended much longer. I can relate to this completely. I recently made my first outdoor table from scratch. It should have been a few days but took weeks. At the end the shutter came out so pretty.

Shutter Hanging Light: Our Crafty Mom

So simple yet functional. Add some style to any room. I could see using this in my hallways which lacks light. Such a cute upcycle.

Mini Shutter Wreath : Elle Marie Home

Mini projects are cute for brightening up small spaces. I could easily see this in my half bath or in a small foyer entrance. Even better hanging on a front door.

Shutter Coat Hanger: Satori Design For Living

Thank you! thank you! Shauna I found my idea for lack of closet space for coats. My mountain home I am building doesn’t come with many closets. Since it’s a second home and rental this will be a wonderful idea.


Ucycle Shutter Valance.: Dukes and Duchesses

Never in million years would I think of using a shutter as a valance. Now I will. This is just brilliant.


How To Distress An Old Shutter: Green with Decor

I like how Meg repainted an old shutter and gave it a new look. She laid it against a wall near a chair giving the space a new look. I love doing this with my current shutters. I have few of my shutters outside leaning against a wall near a lighting fixture.

Christmas Card Holder: Heathered Nest

I always bad about finding a place for my Christmas cards. The slats from a shutter makes it perfect in holding the cards. Easy and lovely way to display them.

Shutter Tuscan Shutter: Simple Nature Decor

If you love vertical gardens here is one that was inspired by my visit to Tuscany. How I loved all the clay pots that were hanging on peoples houses.

I created a stunning tuscan shutter garden using my Wagner Studio Pro Paint Sprayer! Its so perfect for spring and came out beautifully! See how I made this on the blog today. Link in bio.

Shutter Lighting Sconce: Simple Nature Decor

I loved how these shutter sconces came out. I can bring them to any room to brighten the space.

Vertical Shutter Succulent Garden: Simple Nature Decor

This one was easy to make. I taped the back with landscape cloth. Filled the slats with garden soil and planted succulents all through the slats. This actually lasted for year until my cat ate the succulents and ripped the back.

Shutter succulent:15 SHUTTER IDEAS YOU WILL LOVE

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  1. I love using shutters for all kinds of projects! It is even my very best pin! Love all these ideas Maria 🙂

    1. Glad you like them, Shutters are one of my best recycle items to make something with.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve never worked with shutters, but will definitely keep an eye out for some now 🙂

    1. Yes its amazing part of life that we can reuse something. What a great hobby huh.

  3. I used to have a lot of shutters and one of those things that didn’t make the downsizing move. When I see these, I so wish I had a few.

  4. I’ve kept old shutters from a renovation in my garage waiting for inspiration. So many great ideas and inspiration – thank you!!

  5. So many cool ideas, the planter one is my favourite. We don’t see many shutters here in Australia which is a shame.

  6. You have so many amazing ideas to use shutters. I love how versatile an old shutter can be. Thanks for sharing all the ideas, Maria.

  7. I love these ideas! Thank you for sharing.

  8. I wish I could find some shutters here in South Africa. It’s so weird that very few homes have them too since it would help with the heat. Love all these inspiring ideas

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