Yeah! The reveal is here.I can say I am happy its all done. I have spend countless hours getting this One Room Challenge done. I am so excited to share this space with you all. It’s been a crazy 6 weeks.

I’ve never been so excited to do a laundry room. This Laundry room has been a pleasure to design since it has everything I love.





  1. This Space had a long dark table, which I never used. It has been replaced with this settee which I am truly in love!
  2. The pillows are from one of my amazing sponsors Paint A Pillow.




3. Initially I had just the sisal rug then I added this bold print rug for some pop.

4. The metal baskets are just another element of texture.




5. The Botancal prints are from an artist from Poland who paints botanical on Canvas and seels the prints.  You will see them through this post I hand painted the frames from DecorArt who sponsored the paint.





6. My cute concrete vases I made were so much fun to make and definitely hooked on making more concrete accent pieces.






7. The gold jewel sconces are from Lamp Plus.You will be able to see the whole tutorial from start to finish in a special post in a few weeks. My electrician drilled a small hole into the painted shutter and attached the pretty sconce. I am in love with the pretty jewels embedded in the sconce. I want to thank Amitha Verma for the paints for the shutter. The paints are so luxurious  and there  is no doubt it made a big difference to my shutter project.






Thanks so much in visiting  my  Six week Challenge. Hope to see you again for the next one.


paint a pillow


Concrete Planters/Sconce/Paint/Botanicals/Decor Art/Stencil Pillow


  1. This space came together beautifully, and exactly how you wanted it to! Congrats on such a fresh and crisp space, I’m sure you’ll find yourself making an excuse to read a magazine on that settee next to the laundry machines!

  2. Oh Maria, you know how much a love any botanical. Your laundry room is beautiful. A place I just would want to hide out in. 🙂

  3. I think this could be the most beautiful laundry room I have ever seen. I could curl up and take a nap on that gorgeous setee.

    Great job.


  4. You have such a beautiful laundry room! It looks like such a lovely space to spend time! I don’t think I noticed how pretty your floors were before. I love stained concrete!

  5. Maria…those light fixtures!!! I have a bad case of lighting envy! You did such a great job…and in a hurricane to boot! I’m thinking I’d even enjoy doing laundry if I could do it in that room

    Well Done!!

    Hugs, Lynn

    1. Such a nice comment! I am relieved that this 6 weeks is over, its pretty tough at time with deadlines.

  6. What a fancy and fabulous place to do laundry Maria. I could live in that room!

  7. I love this Maria. The room can function so well not with more than one purpose. If you get too tired you can take a nap too. 🙂

  8. Maria! This is just gorgeous! Doing a laundry room ORC as well, this was one room that I’ve been wanting to see and I am in love with your stunning results! Excellent reveal, my friend!

    1. Jessica, such a fun challenge, so happy to meet so many nice bloggers like yourself.

  9. Maria this is so much more than just a laundry room. In fact, it is too luxurious looking to be a laundry room. Hide the machines and use it as a tea room ! It is that beautiful. A job well done and I know you are going to enjoy spending lots of time in there, even if you have to do laundry once in a while.

    1. So funny to have a room like this to do laundry, but I thought it be fun to do something different with a simple room.

  10. Oh my gosh, I want to come over and do laundry!! What a perfect space. I love the stenciled pillows and the pretty couch! The sconce with the shutter is so clever.

    1. Thank you! Its a fun space that will have nice memories of all of you in this challenge.

  11. Your laundry room is such a pretty space! You won’t mind that chore so much anymore! I used a lot of ferns in my ORC room too. I just love them!

  12. Your laundry room looks nicer than most of the rooms in my house. It is just gorgeous! I love that little couch.

    1. Your home is beautiful! thanks for the nice comment! This laundry room will be challenging to keep clean and organized.

  13. What a gorgeous and serene transformation! I can’t believe a laundry room can look so calming. Congrats on completing such a cohesive makeover!

  14. Love your fern pillows!
    My home is botanical, tropical, beach..Florida!
    Love it!

  15. And, very vintage ..from 30s through 60s.

    1. thanks so much ladies! Hope you all have a joyous week and that dog is a riot!

  16. what a stunning makeover! All the pops of green make for such a serene, calming space. Love it!

    1. Thank you, I love my laundry room now, before it was just plain and needed a lift. Hope you have a great week.

    1. Erin, thanks so much for stopping by! I’m glad its over, I think I developed stomach ulcer or something from the rush to get everything done. Been eating tons of junk food, need to go on a cleanse.

  17. What a bright and inviting space to do laundry! l suspect it makes that chore much more pleasant to do!

    1. Thanks Maureen for visiting, Its been a fun space to do laundry in, but its hard to keep it organized 🙂 Maria

  18. This is the most elegant laundry room I have ever seen. It brings doing laundry up to a whole new level. I love every detail that you thought of.

  19. What a great space! I love the layered rugs and those rustic shelves!

    1. Roxanne, thank you, the layered rugs was a last minute idea. I like it now, may start doing it in other rooms.

  20. Maria, I love it all, as in everything! I love the pop of green throughout, the shelves, the botanical watercolor prints,and the wire baskets! Great job!

    1. Carol
      I have so many other places to put the botanicals prints that are left over! Hopefully its not to much. Thanks for stopping by.

  21. Maria, your room looks gorgeous! So light and bright! And I love all of your botanical prints and potted plants; they add so much vibrancy to the room. Beautiful job!

    1. Emily, so happy we are all done with this challenge, it has been a very exciting and now we can relax and breath!

  22. It looks amazing! I’d love to have a laundry room that beautiful!

  23. What a nice laundry and work space! Love the colors in the rooms. I did our laundry and office during the ORC 2 rounds ago, and I know what a difference it can make in your daily life. Great job!

  24. I love the laundry office space. It looks organized and has a relaxing feel. I would love to do laundry is this room and the office area is perfect. Congrats on a great job!

  25. That laundry room is beautiful! My laundry is sadly in a closet, so I am very envious of you right now! Those built ins though! Cool space.

    1. IThanks for visiting. I bet you can do something cool to your laundry space too, 🙂 Maria

  26. Maria, your laundry room is absolutely stunning!!! I love every pic of your room. Just gorgeous, great job!!!

    1. Tara, Happy you stopped by to visit! Hope you are rested from this challenge.

  27. What a gorgeous laundry room! I love all the wood elements and greenery you’ve brought into the room. I hope your beautiful room makes laundry more fun!

  28. This laundry room is stuff my dreams are made of Maria! So beautiful!

  29. Well I could definitely do laundry in this space, and actually enjoy it! Now that you’ve added the seating, it’s almost a retreat all in itself. You know I always love the natural elements you bring into your spaces, so the pillows and artwork are perfect in my book. Job well done!

  30. Oh my gosh, this is a PERFECT makeover! I love it! Our next build I’m making sure to have a mudroom/laundry room, and office built specifically for those uses. No turning other rooms into them. I can’t wait, but for now I’ll drool over your gorgeous spaces!

    1. Iris
      In your next home, if you can it does pay to have a large laundry room, my last home laundry room was small and this one has many purposes.
      Have a great Thanksgiving.

  31. Your new office/laundry suite looks so nice. I really like the new settee and the print rug. The fancy sconces are so pretty! And all your DIY projects turned out great!

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