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10 Best Things To Do In LAke Como ItalY

If you love Tuscany, Italy you will love Lake Como, Italy. Check out the 10 best things to do in Lake Como Italy.

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Lake Como Italy

Lake Como is the third largest lake in Europe and the deepest freshwater lake in Italy. It’s a glacial lake. The water is cool in the hot summer months which makes it great for swimming. It is extremely popular spot for the rich and famous but you don’t need to be rich or famous to visit. There are plenty of places to stay to enjoy the beauty of what this region has to offer.

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What To Do In Lake Como, Italy

    1. Take a boat ride.

    What better way to spend your time in Lake Como than with a boat ride on the fresh water. A trip to Lake Como is not complete without a cruise on the tranquil waters. Boat tours are basically of two types public and private. You can choose the experience you prefer based on your needs, especially the time and budget you have available. Here is a schedule for boat rides

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    Is this a prefect spot for shooting a movie….villa del balbianello was used in a scene in James Bond Casino Royale….  its amazing gardens are reserved for weekend weddings.

    Villa del Balbianello places to go

    Nature surrounding this lakeside paradise is seriously the most beautiful place I have ever seen, lenno, lecco, menaggio, bellagio  are just some of the quaint towns……  the are so many places to go.

    lake como Villa James bond

    so my friends add these places to your bucket list, its worth every penny! Ciao Bellas!

    “Walk with Nature”


      1. Its a place I dream of for years and I made the determination to go. I saved and paid for it myself! otherwise i would never go!
        Hugs Maria

    1. Oh how I would love to stroll that property in the morning shortly after rising with a cup of coffee.

      1. What a nice thought! When I was there, I was visualizing having my daughter wedding there.. People do rent the place out! But she had her wedding someplace else. thanks for commenting. Maria

    2. What a scenic and almost fairytale-like place. I love it! It’s definitely going on my ‘Bucket List’. 😉

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