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How To Decoupage A Desk


Decoupage has been on my bucket list for a while. I have been wanted to learn how to decoupage a desk that I newly painted a few months ago. I wanted to try something different. I have been so inspired by so many  talented furniture painters who do beautiful work with decoupage. So I  headed to hobby lobby to purchase decoupage glue to try my hand at this. There were different kinds of  brands to work with.  I choose one that said it was for paper. There are so many different versions of decoupage ideas out there. I found some pretty old french letters printable that were perfect to apply to the front of the drawers.


  • Collage Pauge
  • Printable
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors
  • Soft cloth




Step 1

To decoupage desk drawers I measured the front of the drawer by placing the printable on top. Then I took a pencil and outlines the outer rim of the drawer. By doing this I created an easy template. With a sharp scissor I carefully cut the outline out.



Step 2

With a clean foam brush I dipped the foam into the collage pauge. Coat a thin amount of the pauge onto the printable. (Don’t soak it or it will bleed through the paper.) Make sure the edges are coated thinly as well



Step 3

Press down on the printable using your fingers softly. Just like you would if you were wall papering. (Soft hands are the key to the move the paper so it can’t rip.) Than use a clean soft cloth to make sure all the wrinkles are out and its completely smooth.

I had to remove several printable because the wrinkles were showing after it dried. I realized that I did not add enough glue. So there is a fine line between too much and not enough pauge. When removing the paper with a damp sponge the paper comes off easily.


Free Printables of the French Letter

Step 4

Let the paper try for 24 hours before putting back the knobs. Once the paper has blended well with the wood. There is no need to coat it with anything, the printable is pretty much part of the wood.


I really enjoyed furniture decoupage and hope to do more.  For more fun painting projects here is  turning an old windows into a chalk board garden



  1. Oh Maria, it’s beautiful. I love the way you only did the drawers, so subtle and the lovely hardware you added. Everything works so well together. I often find that people go overboard when decoupaging something, but you made it classy and chic

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