How To Create Festive Party with Paper Lanterns


How To Create Festive Party with Paper Lanterns

If you love festive parties during the holiday season and don’t have any ideas. Try paper lanterns, they are inexpensive and are perfect for parties. They can come in different colors and styles. I fond these red, blue and white paper lanterns at the Paper Lanter Store for only $11.00. It’s easy to put together. They are perfect choices to hang in a room, porch or use them to decorate for parties inside or outdoors. This is a perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July season. So let me guide you on how to create a festive party with paper lanterns.


Step 1: How To Put The Lanterns Together

You pop up the round paper lantern carefully stick metal form to create the roundness. Take the cord of lights and attach the bulb to each metal hanger onto the bulb. Now you are ready to hang the string of paper lanterns anywhere you like. After you hang your paper lanterns, clean the table to set up a table setting.


Step 2: Where to Hang the Lanterns

I added my paper lantern of lights over the table for that perfect touch of red, white & Blue for my 4th of July party. The lanterns can be suspended at different heights, hanging them in groups or along a line.



Step 3: Adding table decor to match paper lanterns.

There is so much I have to do to prepare for the party. The lanterns speak for themselves. There really wasn’t much more I needed to get but the basics. I choose to keep it simple. The white napkins,  white tables cloth and a touch of color are all I needed for a simple and festive party for my family.



Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July. Whether is lighting for a simple weekend part or a holiday such as the 4th of July.  Let me know if you created any fun hanging lanterns or if you are thinking of using them at your next party. You can get the Lanterns at the Paper Lantern Store which has amazing lights. For more summer party ideas.





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