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10 Ideas To Enjoy The Summer Breeze By Dining Al Fresco

Organize a outdoor tablescape. Here are 10 ideas to enjoy the summer breeze by dinign Al Fresco

Living in the Low Country has its perks…

This past week I went shopping at the farmers market in preparation for family dinner alfresco this weekend. We are about 10 miles from the nearest market and our favorite restaurants, so when we designed my home over a year ago, the backyard was a big part of the design process. We wanted a place where we could eat and entertain family and friends. Especially for those times we didn’t feel like driving far.





One of my family’s favorite summer dinners!

….is an Italian-style chicken cutlet, served w/ southern greens and corn-on-the-cob. Being raised in New York, and raised in a mixed Italian & Costa Rican family, I definitely like to mix it up with the menu. Since the kids are all grown now, we could all enjoy a glass of wine with dinner to toast the evening. I finished dinner off with a batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. A family favorites no matter how grown-up you are!

alfresco 6

When it all said and done, I wouldn’t trade being in the low country for anything… Even with the bees buzzing around and ants on our toes, it’s all part of the fun of spending my time outside with family and friends.


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    1. Carol, Life can be hot here in the south, but this oak tree does help to have dinners under it.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. beautiful setting for sharing a summer meal! I love eating outdorrs ( as long as it is not too hot. xo

  2. Maria, what a beautiful low-country setting! Everything is perfect and your menu sounds delicious. Being a country girl, how I would love to dine under the tree! I am enjoying blog hopping with all the talented bloggers! Beautifully done! Pam & Everyday Living

    1. Pam, look forward in seeing your post, thanks for stopping by, everyone is so nice, is been a pleasure.

  3. this is a beautiful setting! I’m sure no one would mind driving over to have a dinner alfresco at your home! It is simple yet so elegant. I love those unusual bottles, perfect for this outdoor table!

    1. Jenna, bugs and all love eating outside! we all got bitten on our toes that weekend.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Those bottles are for catching flies, you fill it with sugar water, cuts down on the flies. Thanks for visiting.


  4. What a gorgeous setting, Maria! Your home is just so lovely. I can just imagine looking out at all of the beauty around me. The succulents as a centerpiece – genius! And dinner looks scrumptious! So fun hopping with you, as always!

    1. Thanks Kim, its been so nice to see you here too, look for you this week.

  5. You have such a lovely location to set up a table for a convivial meal for family or friends. I love that the tree offers a wispy canopy over your table. The bold print of the napkins is perfect for your out of doors dining and I am wanting one of those cookies right now! Thank you so much for joining the Alfresco Tablescape Blog Hop!

    1. Chloe, life can be hot here, but under the shady oak tree, its pretty nice.
      its been a great pleasure being in this blog hop with you and the ladies, I hope we do one again.

  6. What a gorgeous setting for your ‘setting’! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your outdoor space is so so inviting and eating there must be so delightful. It reminds me of the Tuscan countryside the way you have it set. Thank you for sharing it with us… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Lory, Thanks that a great compliment, I love tuscany, if I had my way I would live there part of the year ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Under the oak tree is such a perfect spot for alfresco dining. I could relax there for quite a spell.
    I enjoyed your choice of table elements for the simple both elegant and organic feel!Goes perfectly with the name of your blog! Quite a nice menu too.
    Nice, blog hopping with you.

    1. Bonnie, you are so nice, thanks for the great comment! Its one of my favorite things to do, rain or shine, i’m outside. this has been a wonderful blog hop.

  8. Truly a lovely setting to enjoy an Alfresco experience. The setting is lovely. Living out in the country does have it’s benefits. The table looks so pretty with the rattan chargers and printed napkins. So fun to blog hop with you.

    1. I am so excited to be in this Blog Hop, its a group of great lady bloggers, thanks for stopping by

  9. Everything is so beautiful and I just love your giant oak tree! You have great style and I love the Low Country!

    1. Thanks so much Kristy for visiting today, its a nice place to live!I have enjoyed this blog hop so far and so much to see yet.

  10. Maria, this is EXACTLY as I would envision the perfect outdoor setting for dinner (with me as the guest, of course, not the hostess). It is just beautiful, the chairs are perfect, the food too. Love the sweat on the bottle of wine, and how it captures the season. Oh, and your actual elements for the tablescape are beautiful – love the color and pattern on the napkins, and how they’re tucked under the placemats. Nice job!
    Rita C at Panoply

    1. Thanks so much Rita, you made me feel great! it was a hot day that Saturday and we all got bit by ants, but it was fun.

  11. This is my definition of farmhouse dining. Under a big old oak tree, with lanterns hanging and wine on the table. Very pretty and serene. The jars remind me of honey jars. They are an unusual shape and one I would treasure!

    1. Kim
      Thanks so much! the jars are for catching flies, you fill it with sugar water and the flies are attracted to that instead of the food! it works

  12. Hello Maria,
    Each and every detail of your alfresco dining is perfection and captures the very essence of your vision of nature and the pure beauty of it. I love the table itself and your chairs too.
    Such a treat to see your vision and creativity!

    1. Thanks so much! the table under the oak tree was really a nice way to get shade, it was quite hot that day!

  13. Your table and location are so lovely and relaxing! I think I could find myself hanging out in your yard for a long time. Such a fun setting. sheila

    1. Rhonda, nothing like a good old oak tree to create the setting a pretty one! it took me a while to figure out where to have the table placed.I am glad i choose the oak tree. Thanks for your nice comment

  14. rattlebridge farm says:

    Oh, how gorgeous! I love the colors, textures, and outdoor magic! I can almost feel the breeze under the majestic oak. You’ve captured the essence of the Low Country.

    1. Thank so much for the lovely comment! oak tree are bountiful here in the lowcountry where I live. Great place for picnics an such.

  15. I really like the rustic nature of this tablescape which is especially perfect for your gorgeous setting under the oak tree. The square woven placemats look terrific on the vibrant runners and the low-rise small centerpieces add just the right touch. Yum! Would love to sit at this table and eat that food too! I’m so enjoying this alfresco tablescape blog hop with your post being extra special!

    1. What a sweetie of a comment you left me, thanks so much I truly apreciate it. I love eating outside, its my favorite thing to do with family and friends.

  16. A perfect setting for outdoor dining. Your table matches your outdoor surroundings. I love your use of succulents on the table. So much natural elements and textures. The chicken, corn and oatmeal cookies look so delicious. Good food, wine and a whole lot of fun under the shaded tree. A setting for a very memorable time.

    1. Marsha
      Glad you took a peek at my blog post, you left me such a great comment! It made my day! I went to visit your blog, but it had a 404 error.

  17. The simplicity of this tablescape is amazing. I love all of the wicker chairs mixed with crystal wine glasses and succulents. It’s such a lovely combination!

    1. Emily, thanks, this blog hop was an opportunity to meet new bloggers and I love that! Everyone had such a great tablescape and worked so hard on it. It was a pleasure meeting you!

  18. I love how simple and natural your tablescape is. It is the perfect under-the-trees setting! Those little potted succulents are so sweet and just the perfect touch.

    1. Sarah, Thanks for stopping by hope you are all settled in with the baby! This was a really nice blog hop, enjoy doing them outside.

    1. Thanks, glad you like the post! its a great place to eat dinner! Except for the ants! Have a great week!

  19. This is a very appealing setting. You could feel the calm of summer. Wish I was there.

  20. I love this natural setting. Those placemats are gorgeous!! The table liners are also pretty.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you again when we open our doors at 12 AM EST on Friday.

  21. Your tablescape is absolutely beautiful! Who wouldn’t want to eat outside at this gorgeous table? Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday this week!

    1. Thanks so much Tara, hopefully I can come up wih some pretty ideas for your blog hop, its challenging to keep ideas going, but thats what makes it interesting.

  22. Maria,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful space with us and your gracious lifestyle too!
    Happy Thursday,

  23. Not only is your table lovely , but your setting is beautiful.
    That is the perfect combination for alfresco dining.

    1. Hi Laura, hope you are well and enjoyed your week, have a blessed weekend!

  24. What a lovely setup!. a great way to spend a relaxing day.

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