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Black and White Decor Ideas for a Chic Nursery


If you are looking for something unique than the typical pinks or blues. Than add some chicness with black and white decor ideas for a chic nursery. Its something that I would have not thought about until my daughter came up with the idea. This is her second baby in 17 months, so this sweet momma needs my help!

 Step 1

  Painting It Black


Black and White Decor Ideas for Nursery


Ashley found a white dresser at the thrift store. This is where I asked her what color and she said glossy black and I said what? Black gloss is very hard to paint so I compromised and said semi gloss please and she agreed.

  1. Sanded
  2. Primed
  3. Painted three coats
  4. Added gold knobs

Step 2

To give the room some pop Ashley added nursery accessories such as a modern style chandelier, a black and white rug and a gorgeous round crib which is from her first baby’s nursery. Theo her first born is already in a bed at 15 months. So it does help that she did not have to purchase another crib.


Step 3

Nursery Wall Decor

I was searching for something unique for my daughter black and white nursery! So when I was approach by Custom Star Map to collaborate with them. This was a sign from the stars that this would be perfect for the walls. It’s a great way to cherish life’s greatest moments. I choose to create a map with the baby’s name Preston, his birthdate and location. The location is very cool because they have it like a map with longitude and latitude.

  1. You pick a color.
  2. You personalized it with any font type you like.
  3. You pick the size.
  4. Map location of the event.

It’s super easy to create a custom star map!


Hope you enjoyed this all these black and white ideas for my daughter’s nursery. For more  gender neutral nursery check out Theo’s Nursery



  1. Maria the change in color certainly makes for a bold statement. I also really like those knobs.

  2. Maria I love the black and white colors much better then the traditional blues or pinks. The dresser turned out beautiful, and that is a really interesting light.

  3. The dresser looks great! And I love the round crib. Has your daughter had any regrets with the round crib? Love that cute little gold table, too! Pinned!

    1. Thanks for visiting! No she loves it, have you heard something about round cribs?

    1. Glad you like it! Its a great idea my daughter had, never would have thought of it.

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